Which Smartphone Brand is the Easiest to Find Spare Parts for?

The newest and best smartphone from giants like Apple and Samsung may be tempting, but consider the total cost of ownership before making your purchase. What if it breaks down in less than a year?

Smartphones nowadays are akin to super minicomputers in that they keep us engaged and enable us to accomplish almost anything, from paying bills to enjoying movies and more. In addition, anticipated phones are likely to be technologically advanced and capable of doing tasks beyond making payments and watching movies.

However, although desktops and laptops have always had warranties, smartphone warranties often only cover the device for a year at most. If anything happens to your phone after that, it might be expensive. Perhaps, changing screens is simple, but some other fixes involve sending the whole device in for repair at an authorised service shop.

Which Smartphone Brand is the Easiest to Find Spare Parts for?
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What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Phone?

Understand that there are a variety of options for purchasing a phone, each with its own set of pros and cons. In order to save money on brand-new phones, many people choose to purchase them via service contracts, often known as subsidised or carrier-locked purchases. However, these choices aren’t always the best if you want to change components like batteries or screens on your own. Because you’ll most likely need access to an authorised repair centre in the region to maintain your warranty in effect if anything goes wrong after you’ve made the replacements.

Major Smartphone Brands with Spare Parts Availability


Most Samsung devices have screens that can be replaced for less than $80, which is much cheaper than similar models from Apple and Huawei, and spare parts are easy to find in most markets.

This means that earlier Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S7 and S8, will be simpler to fix than ever before. You will also be able to get a greater selection of replacement screens and batteries that are not made by the manufacturer. Samsung mobiles also tend to last longer than their rivals’ offerings. Some versions may be more water-resistant, although they are often more resistant to drops and scratches.

Huawei & Honor

In many countries, you have to order expensive, hard-to-find parts online to fix a Huawei or Honor phone because local replacements are either not available or too expensive.

A number of variables have contributed to this result. Although some of Huawei’s components are produced in-house, the company more often than not relies on outside vendors. If your phone is malfunctioning or you need a spare part, you may have to shop around for one that is made for your specific model number rather than the manufacturer listed on the device.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your Honor phone or need a spare part, you’ll need to check into local aftermarket possibilities since the company doesn’t provide official repair support for phones sold unlocked via third-party sellers.


Apple repairs might be costly, but there are plenty of official retailers you can trust to perform a decent job. You may save money on iPhone repairs if you’re prepared to do it yourself and get parts online. Genuine parts can be purchased from a variety of internet retailers at far lower prices than those offered by Apple itself. Search “iPhone repair” on Google Maps to find a service near you and save yourself the trouble of finding and buying spare parts.

You might also inquire at a nearby repair shop whether they provide iPhone repair services. Even if they don’t have what you need in stock, they may be able to get it for you.

Important Things to Consider

It’s a good idea to compare the prices of service centres and the prices of replacement parts for various models. Since not all dealerships provide the same quality service, you may want to look into some local repair services too.

When purchasing a new piece of technology, the warranty and the length of time it covers the smartphone are two more essential aspects to think about. Most phone makers provide a guarantee of at least a year, and some even provide extended service and warranty options that cover you for up to two years.

Wrapping Up

If your phone is still under warranty, the manufacturer will be your best bet for replacement parts, rather than a third-party repair company. On the downside, their prices will likely exceed what you would spend at a local repair shop. In general, the availability of spare parts for smartphones increases with their level of popularity among both end users and independent repair shops. You should take your device to a repair shop since they will be able to fix it better than you can. On the contrary, if you’re not afraid of failure, doing it yourself may save you money.

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