Who Dating Application Review 2022 (Legit or Fake)

Who is the top-grossing dating and socialization app on the google play store? If you are looking for your ideal match or just want to interact with random people over the internet, then this is the app that you were looking for.

The application is simple. There is a live video chat on the main screen and you are presented with random people. If you don’t like the person shown to you you can swipe and a new person will be shown to you. If you like the other person you can further talk to them for some time and then send them a request and chat or talk to them in private.

Who is the ultimate boredom killer app that gives you the opportunity to socialize with new genuine people from around the world? Whether you are looking for a person to share your rough day with, want a partner that understands you well, or a friend that can listen to you and be loyal to you, this app will provide you with all of the things that you are looking for.

How it Works

Who works on the phenomenon of matching profiles. It has the best AI tool that will find the best possible match for you according to your interests. But for this reason, you have to complete your profile.

Completing your profile is the first and main point of this dating application. You just enter your name and other details along with your interests, and then you are ready to go.

By analyzing the information you provided, the app will show you, your possible matches who have the same interests as you.

Then you can live video call them, and if you like them you can further send them a request send gifts to impress them, and further talk to them in private, or if you don’t like or click with the person shown to you, you can simply just swipe and interact with any other person. It is more important to note that working ideas have been taken from so all credits go to this site.


Who has some exciting features for you which I am going to discuss with you?

Make Friends 

Making friends online is not that difficult now. Everyone can get friends online with the help of social and dating applications like Who. Thus you can join this social application make your profile and add attractive images to get your dream friend quickly. All you need is to complete your profile according to the fields and rules of Who Application and that it. Now you can wait for friends requests from all over the world.

Simplest UI

The user interface of this application is very simple. You just enter your details, likes dislikes, and interests and the app shows you the ideal people which you can chat with. You can make live video calls with them or just swipe to skip people.

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Live Video Calling

Most dating apps start with the feature of chatting. When it comes to finding your ideal match chatting is not the best option as you never know whether the next person is real or fake. To overcome this problem Who app provides you with the feature of live video calling as the main feature so you can see the real person you are going to interact with.

Unlimited Coins and Likes

When you want to impress someone you like you can send them likes and gifts from the coin you have. This will build a good impression of you to the other person. The application only provides you 20 coins per day to spend which is somewhat a barrier to reaching out to people. So with our modded apk, you get unlimited likes and coins so you can spend them on whoever you want.


With you get all the premium features of the app just for free if you will download it from Here. If you want to interact with new people and make new friends, or looking for a date, you can do while using this app. Just download the app and enjoy.

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