Why Android beats iOS for developers?

Which is better, Android or iOS? It’s a question that has been asked one million times over, with a different answer each time. Bias is an inevitability as we each prefer the platform we are familiar with and have established workarounds for the areas that don’t measure up. When it comes to app development, there are actually many who believe Android app development to be the superior platform, and we are going to discuss why that is.

Installation is much easier

Contrary to what many believe, you can install an Android app on any kind of website in addition to Google Play Store. Apple has been quite intentional about making their app purchase and installation through a closed user group and on their own channels, which appears to work for Apple but means they have competition in almost all areas.

Offering an easy installation process to your customers through a simple step directly to the device makes Android a more attractive proposition to both app developer and user and overall ease of use. It also makes the installation process more organic if installation links can be embedded within online resources. Also, we can easily find useful scripts at and many other websites.

Greater number of users/customers

It might feel like Apple has saturated the market, but Android is actually more prevalent globally with 90billion apps downloaded in one year from Android. This is three times more than iOS apps, and so app developers have already reduced their opportunity significantly if they choose to develop through iOS and not Android. In an ideal world, app developers will be present in both app stores and enjoyed on all devices.

Although if you have a choice in the platform, Android is the smarter move. When developing your app, it is critical that you do not have tunnel vision over your own market. Westerners prefer to use Apple, but in some parts of the world, Android is king. Understand the market share in your region, as well as the projected market, and you will likely see that Android comes out on top in many areas.

Device compatibility

Android has always been easy to use on all devices when compared to its high maintenance counterpart. This is clever on many levels, making Android more commercially viable and a more affordable option for the user. In-office and educational environments where users are less likely to be using Apple devices, Android can bring accessibility to a greater number of people and significantly corner the market.

If app developers think deeply about the end-user and the user intention, they can reasonably conclude that Android is the safer bet for platform development and can be used throughout households and corporations.

Social media

If you are developing an app that is not compliant with social media integration, then you might be losing out to a competitor app that can. Android developed apps can be linked to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram through seamless integration which as we know can increase engagement and time spent on your app.

Apple can integrate with social media platforms through bridging apps and intricate steps, but not with the same fluidity. Blogs and websites are also easier to integrate with Andoird over iOS. For those in social media management roles and adjacent marketing disciplines, Android presents a better way to amplify your message clearly and quickly, and in one window.

If you are planning an app build and can’t decide between Android or Apple, then think about who you want to be installing and enjoying your app. Android ensures a wider network of customers who can benefit from greater integration and features within. Android offers greater commercial gain and is a more affordable option for your intended market.

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