Why Android Devices Are Best for Online Games

There has been an ongoing and continuous argument or debate as to whether Android or Apple is best for gaming that has raged online without much compromise given by each side. The crux or issue at hand is which is better for online games and which will provide for a better gaming experience. This article looks at the fundamental issues in the argument and attempts to provide some answers.

What you need from an operating system to game online efficiently

Regardless of whether you have an Android or Apple, you will need the following to be able to game efficiently and effectively.


The aim is to have sufficient RAM to be able to store and save the games that are currently being played and accessed. 8GB of such RAM is a considerably basic amount for beginner gamers. However, depending on the games that you are playing, you may require significantly more RAM. Adventure and discovery games that have vast areas to explore and within which to move and complete the game objectives will require a lot more RAM than the online slot games or online pokies Australia real money no deposit. So, just be aware of what the games are that you want o play to ensure that you have sufficient RAM.

Graphics processing units (GPU)

To enjoy the games that you play on your mobile devices, you need to have a sufficiently powerful graphics processor or GPU. The android devices have dedicated GPUs that can be easily updated and to which additional RAM can be added. While Apple has an integrated system of GPU, which makes it less flexible.

Central processor /CPU

The CPU is an essential gaming component in your smart mobile device. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) will affect frame rates, streaming, and the saleable gameplay elements in the games that you choose to play. Here Apple would seem to do better with the 1.8 GHz dual-core processor versus the standard 1.7 GHz octa-core used on the Android.

A large enough display

Regardless of the device you choose, you will need a good display to play mobile games online. Both the Android and Apple devices are on par in this regard, and the modern Smartphone as a whole now provides for large enough screens to meet the need for owners and users to watch movies and play widescreen multi-layered games with ease.

The operating system or type of device that you choose to game will determine what you can play and how good your gaming experience will be.

In conclusion, the main difference between the two types of devices is the ability to have a dedicated graphics processing unit. Yes, the Apple version of the integrated graphics cards has improved drastically over the last few years, but it is still unintegrated, and the ability to simply unplug and add increased RAM is not as easy as when playing on an Android device. This is the basis on which Android will continue to win hands down as a mobile gaming device for online games.

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