Why Android is the Best Gaming Platform

The Xbox, PlayStation, and PC all have their fanboys and fangirls, people that are absolutely adamant that their device of choice is the undisputed champion of gaming. PC gamers will argue that the better graphics and flexibility that their platform offers makes it the best machine to play AAA titles on, while console owners will reel off the list of exclusive titles that makes their choice superior. 

Except, all three groups are wrong. Sure, exclusive titles are nice and stunning graphics do add to the gaming experience, but they don’t compare to the features and benefits that Android offers up. 

Here’s why Android is the best gaming platform. 


Android is best known for its use in smartphones. It can be found in devices made by just about every manufacturer apart from Apple. This means the vast majority of smartphone owners already have an Android device. 

Therefore, there’s no need to shell out for a new expensive device to enjoy the games available to Android owners. Just put your hand in your pocket and pull out the device you already own. 


The PlayStation 5 is the biggest video games console ever created (or at least in modern history). It is 39 cm tall, 104 cm wide, and 260 cm deep, making it larger than the Xbox One, the original Xbox, and the PlayStation 3. 

The Xbox Series X isn’t far behind either; it’s not as tall, but it’s around twice as wide. A gaming PC, especially one in a specially-designed gaming ATX case, is going to be even bigger. 

On all these devices, you have no choice but to stay in one place, tethered to your TV or computer desk when you want to play a game.  While a gaming laptop offers some portability, the only true way to enjoy gaming on the go is with a smartphone.

Choice of games

Choice of Games

Consoles may have their exclusive games and computers may have an extensive library of older titles, but Android gamers have access to the widest choice of options. 

For starters, the Google Play Store contains almost one million different games. You’ll find everything from classic casino games to legendary titles like Mario Kart and Pokémon GO. That’s not all though – the more open nature of Android compared to Apple’s iOS means that you can install emulators and third-party games that haven’t been approved by Google. 

With apps like Magic Dosbox, you can even play older computer games like Doom and Theme Hospital on your Android device. There’s one caveat to that though: these titles work best with a keyboard and mouse, but that’s not necessarily a problem (more on that soon). 

Even console games can be played on Android through streaming services like Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now. This means that Android gamers don’t need to miss out on recent releases like Cyberpunk 2077 since they can have the cloud do all the heavy lifting. 

Android users can even bypass the restrictions placed on Fortnite by downloading the app directly from the Epic Games website. 


While Android is primarily used for smartphones, it’s an incredibly versatile operating system. This means that you can use it for much more than gaming on a small phone screen. 

For example, the Emtec GemBox costs just $20 and can be used to play games in fullscreen on your TV. It’ll run all kinds of Android apps, just like a smartphone or tablet, and can be used to play emulated games with a controller. 

The Mad Catz Mojo is another Android console that can even run PSP games through an emulator. 

As for those DOS games, a keyboard and mouse can be connected to an Android console, smartphone or tablet, meaning you can get the full retro gaming experience on modern hardware. Most consoles (like the Beelink MINI) have USB ports you can plug into, while if you’re planning to play on your smartphone you’ll need a USB OTG adapter. 

With all this going for it, it’s clear that Android is by far the best platform for gaming.

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