Why Do You Always Lose At Slots?

From Aukland to Wellington and Christchurch to Hamilton, Kiwi players wholeheartedly love pokies. Are you one of those pokie fans? Then perhaps you’re wondering how you can win at pokies more often.

Well, players are misled to think that they can predict the outcome when playing casino games. Online pokies real money creations utilize highly complex algorithms to generate the results. When it comes to the most skillful of Kiwi spinners, even they cannot influence the algorithm. So does it come down to pure luck when you spin the reels on the best online pokies real money games? Sure, luck does play a big role in this game of chance. But it’s not only luck that you can rely on when gambling at a pokie site.

We offer you 4 tips that can help you shift the odds in your favour when you play pokies. These do not guarantee that you’ll score a winning combo every time, but you might be more likely to end up with your pockets filled up.

Not considering the pokie’s volatility

It’s not uncommon for the gambler to spend plenty of time spinning the reels on some of the best online pokies real money titles and end up empty-handed. Well, the reason the player has continuous dry spells when playing pokies is that they fail to note down the volatility (or variance) of a pokie.

What is volatility, you ask? It’s a measure of the risk involved in a game, which also influences the payouts you can receive from single wins. To be clear, highly volatile pokies are the ones that pay rarely but in bigger amounts. On the other hand, low volatility means that the pokie produces frequent yet small rewards.

That said, to avoid losing at pokies, choose titles with medium volatility. These titles are well balanced so you can expect the right amount of risk vs payout. Pokies with low volatility are not recommended. Even though you can expect plenty of winning spins, these creations tend to award a small return on each of those wins.

Not knowing the mechanics of a pokie

One common mistake that inexperienced Kiwi players make is spinning the reels on every pokie that catches their eye. As a result, their winning chances are greatly reduced.

Winning tip: Select only those online pokies real money offerings that hold decent winning potential.

To this end, we suggest that you read up on a pokie before you play it. First, check the paytable to make sure that symbols carry valuable rewards. Also, take the time to explore the pokie’s bonus features. Are they lucrative enough? Are free spins included? Do free spins modifiers pack a payout punch? For instance, a cascading symbols mechanic is a widely celebrated feature in a pokie thanks to its incredible winning potential. To be clear, the feature enables the player to pocket consecutive wins on a single spin – how cool is that? Add a progressive multiplier into the mix – with every consecutive successful symbol cascade, a multiplier meter increases by 1x, and winning becomes much easier.

Finally, choose games with a high payout percentage rate. The best online pokies are games with a Return To Player mark of 96% or more.

Not Setting Win and Loss Limits

There’s nothing easier than getting caught in the thrill of playing your favourite online pokies real money creations and losing sight of the amount you have won or lost. Well, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from your daily routine and relaxing into an exciting gaming experience on a nice pokie website. But you don’t want to lose too much of your hard-earned money when playing.

To stay on top of your budget at all times when playing, be sure to set win and loss limits. Stop-loss limits will make sure you don’t spend more funds than you’re prepared to lose.

Setting win limits is of no less importance than setting loss limits. Why? Even if you’re winning a lot of money when playing a pokie, it means nothing if you are separated from it when trying to boost your winnings. Pokies are a negative expectation game. In other words, the spinner’s going to lose their funds in the long run. That said, ‘quit while you’re ahead’ is a well-known phrase all Kiwi players should always remember.

Ignoring casino deposit bonuses

Online casinos have an array of generous promo offers in store for Kiwi players. To get started with free spins or other casino bonuses that can be used on some of the best online pokies real money titles, a player has to deposit a certain sum into their account.

If you don’t take advantage of such bonus offers, you miss out on a great shot at a sweet jackpot prize. In other words, these bonuses are free and you will have the chance to actually pocket some rewards.

But before claiming free spins or other casino bonuses, you should familiarize yourself with the bonus conditions. It’s important to make sure that the wagering requirements associated with the offered bonus deal are manageable. If you are lucky to come across a no wager bonus, grab it immediately. Not subject to playthrough conditions, these bonuses are the most advantageous ones – all your bonus winnings jump directly to your player account and can be immediately cashed out.


Being knowledgeable about online pokies, setting stop-loss and stop-win limits, as well as taking advantage of casino bonus offers are your ticket to improving your odds at pokies. Tapping into these tactics will help you enjoy your game, and hopefully, you can stay in it long enough to reel in a big, sweet win! Ready to try? Then why don’t you play the best online pokies real money games right away? Good luck!

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