Why Should I Bundle My Cable TV with the Internet?

All of us have profited from those two-for-one schemes at some point in life. The reason is that the urge to enjoy two things at the price of one is intriguing and then our first experience with it characterizes if we would trust that brand for its promise again.

I remember how my friends and I had severe food poisoning after taking up a pizza place’s two-for-one offer – for a long time, we restricted ourselves from falling into that trap again. However, this rigidity had cost me some good deals in the past as well. One cannot see the whole world with just one pair of spectacles since not everything is plain black or white. From a business point of view, I have figured out that bundling offers that come from a reliable brand stand their ground and are worth investing in.

Since cable TV has seen a decline in user-base over the past few years because of on-demand counterparts, most providers have started offering bundling options that come up with internet service along with cable TV. This article is set to define why these bundles can be a healthier option for those interested in the best of both worlds.

What is Bundling?

Bundling can be characterized as offering at least two services in a bundle form at a decreased rate. The most common bundle deals are discussed here:

Double-Play Bundle

A combo deal of two services that can be internet, cable TV, or phone. Contingent on the provider, you can settle on any decisions with respect to the service level.

Triple-Play Bundle

A blend of three services like internet, cable TV, and phone. Clients are given numerous choices with respect to the size of services in the bundle.

A 2018 report by Deloitte states that about 56% of U.S. residents have continued to utilize their cable TV membership just for the sake of bundle plans.

This is based on the grounds that the total cost of services decreases essentially when they are bundled up. Taking the case of Cox bundles, with their double play you can get internet speeds up to 150 Mbps, over 140 channels, more than 50 TV apps that can be accessed from anywhere, and many other benefits at a very nominal cost. Subscribing to these services separately would cost you a lot more.

Reasons to bundle up your Cable TV and Internet

Being a user of the double play bundle, I can guarantee you that this decision makes everything all the way better. Borrowing from my own insight, I have assembled a rundown of reasons with regards to why you should bundle your cable TV with internet services.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

First of all: a bundle plan is just light on the pocket. This is because you are taking both the services from the same provider and that is what makes them value you significantly more. Since you would be paying for two services, service providers would make sure to offer you the best level of customer care to keep you hooked on their services. As such, they charge you way less on bundle plans to guarantee your dependable commitment to their company.

2. Strong Provider-Client Relationship

When using a bundle plan, you can depend on your relationship with the service provider. Providers will generally think often more about the customers who decide to take on more of their services. This is because losing such customers sets them back more thus the bundle users have an advantage in negotiations as well.

On the off chance that you are a triple bundle user, you can even request extra perks, discounts, and exclusive treatment consistently.

Moreover, you do not need to think about connectivity issues at any time. You can stay in touch with your loved ones all over the planet. Even if the internet goes down, you can still connect with them through your phone and vice versa.

3. Opportunity and Flexibility

Some service providers also offer you the chance to change your bundle plans. In the event that you think you would not require each of the three services, you can opt out of one service and subscribe to just two of them.

Furthermore, one of the most adaptable things about bundle plans is the billing system. opting for bundle services also means that you would just get one monthly bill with everything referenced in a clear manner. This would save you time and energy to take care of each bill independently.

4. Consistent Entertainment

Have a party or orchestrate a movie night, it will be in every way your choice when your cable and internet are aligned. Want to DJ at your own party? Indeed, get everyone going on the scores of Spotify or YouTube.

With a bundle plan so great, you can be certain that you have a steady powerhouse of entertainment. Assuming that you get exhausted from watching cable TV, you can stream anything. Your game scores would not embarrass you anymore on account of high-speed internet.

Additionally, if you want to download some high-resolution movies from the internet for offline viewing, you will not feel the need to worry about slow download speeds or your bandwidth getting exhausted. If you are looking for torrenting sites that are safe, carry extensive content, and offer fast downloading, then please visit

5. No Restrictions

Various providers lie about their services including no data cap strategy, and internet speed levels, and so on. Because of such reasons, it is key for you to pick a service provider that matches your prerequisites in the best way.

The below-mentioned points can assist you with this process:

  1. Compare the service providers that you deem fit.
  2. Shortlist the most appropriate providers.
  3. Look at their customer feedback, expert opinions, and google reviews.
  4. Explore their website for bundles plans.
  5. After consideration, choose a service provider that suits you the most.
  6. Prior to signing any contract, make a point to get all the information sorted from the agreement. Contact their customer care center, discuss all the points for reassurance, and leave nothing unanswered. A speedy tip is to make a rundown of inquiries you really want a response to.
  7. Sign up with your bundle plan for endless fun.

The Last Words

Bundling your cable and internet is a win-win situation because you save money and get better internet service. Consumers are wise to the fact that many cable companies offer discounts for bundling services. If you have not yet bundled your services, speak with your provider today about how to do this and start saving money!

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