Why Transcription Software Need Proofreading Feature?

Technology advancements have brought forward inventions that boggle the human mind and have made many impossible tasks a reality. People of older ages did not have access to advanced technology. They could not have imagined washing machines could churn out folded clothes or refrigerators, indicating that they are running out of specific items. Shopping from overseas without stepping out of the home is booming these days, owing to technology progression.

All these are a reality, and most people are using technical devices in their day-to-day lives to accomplish mundane tasks. Software is a technological wonder which has transformed the functioning of many departments. It is an intangible set of instructions that tell the computer how to perform. People can get their desired results within minutes, without moving, and that too from anywhere.

Software is of various types and sectors, integrate them as per companies’ budget, need, and niche. Transcription, as the name implies, means to put in writing, and transcription software is a set of instructions that convert the audible notes into a legible form. It metamorphoses speech into text to facilitate people who have a hearing impairment or prefer reading over listening. Although voice optimization is also getting popular, text significantly helps websites optimize and integrate with search engines and boost their rankings. Various transcript software can do the job effectively and provide text for voice notes.

Several companies think investing and installing a reputed transcript software is sufficient. They ignore the need to proofread the transcript. Transcription software having a proofreading feature is vital for businesses. The following are some reasons why transcription software should have a proofreading feature:

1. More Efficient Than Human Transcriptionists

Human beings are prone to error. Vigilance, determination, and hard work reduce mistakes. Still, with human beings, the chances of committing an error are always there. Human transcriptionists may not need prior instructions, and if they understand the audio well, professionals can perform their job. Still, they cannot be 100 percent sure that their documentation is errorless. The benefit of having transcription proofreading software is that the process remains uninfluenced by other factors and performs the function as per the instructions. Whereas human transcriptionists impact emotions, weather, and other setbacks, their functioning may fluctuate due to various elements. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. The modern transcription software is versatile as they provide a plethora of other services.

Furthermore, hiring a human transcriptionist may be risky, as It requires you to trust a stranger with your sensitive information. In contrast, with ASR, Automatic Speech Recognition, you can put your mind at peace that your information is in safe hands.

2. Minimize Spelling Errors

Spelling errors can ruin your content. Most transcripts are in English, which is a unique language. It has derived words from various languages, especially many Latin phrases that have taken a permanent spot in the language. Besides, some cases are exceptional, and no rule applies there. Some spelling of English words is far from phonetics. When the text has some complicated terms, transcription software may provide wrong spellings, changing the sentence’s context. Websites often use other languages’ names and words for a specific field, but most transcript software uses Engluses script.

Thus, it ends up transcribing incorrect spellings. Supposedly, audio having a Russian name will be difficult for software to interpret. It may transcribe it in wrong spellings. Many languages have homophones. Since transcription software works on listening, it may give incorrect spellings and change the website’s overall context. One spelling error put the website on the back pages of search engine results and prevent earning higher rankings. Proofreading feature on transcription software helps identify such words, and consequently, change them to the correct ones.

3. Rich Vocabulary

The feature of proofreading is multifaceted; it suggests some alternatives and helps you enhance your audio quality. Regular ASR software will provide you with the text of audio as per the software’s comprehension. Still, the proofreading feature comes with additional elements. The part recommends fancy vocabulary, enhancing audio files’ quality, and providing weightage to the content. Often, people find themselves unable to pinpoint their mistakes in audio. Still, proofreading transcript software does the job and eliminates the need to go through the text repeatedly.

4. Determine Accuracy

Transcription software comes with an accuracy determination element, which gives the user insight into the file’s accuracy level. Various proofreading software displays the precision rate of the audio file. For academic files and audios that provide statistics, accuracy is of utmost importance. One mistake can put a dent in the website’s reputation.

Transcription software that enables proofreading saves users from the additional work of going through the whole text to verify the information. Search engines blacklist the websites which publish incorrect information, and an easy way of preventing it from installing proofreading authorized transcription software.

5. Format the Text

Clients specify the needs of the transcriptions, and they have reasons for doing so. The software works as per instructions, and proofreading the featured software helps format the text as per the clients’ needs. Formatting helps in filling the missing phrases accordingly. Supposedly, the audio script contained 500 words, but the configuration demands more; transcription software will alert the user. They can modify the transcript and deliver the quality product to your client.

6. Saves Time

Human transcription is a challenging job, and professionals have to read the scripts over and again. Moreover, human beings listen, understand, and then type. No matter how efficient they are in their job, the process is time-consuming. Transcription software can provide scripts of audios in a shorter duration. Word to word transcription takes time, even if the professionals have fast typing speed.

Transcription software requires a robust Internet, and the software provides a script of audio notes in no time. When the software has proofreading features, it conserves additional time on the users’ part. Human transcriptionists have to go through the text a few times before being sure of the quality. 

7. Affordable

Transcription software is economical as compared to human transcriptionists. Numerous software gives a free trial version. If it suits your company’s needs, it provides an option of purchasing it. The purchased software offers more elements, but the paid version is still economical than the other transcription options.

8. Prevents Mondegreen

Mondegreen means mishearing of lyrics and words, making sense in the listener’s head, but are different from the original audio. Running the audio file through advanced transcription software, which has a proofreading feature activated, detects misheard phrases. The feature helps users enhance the script’s quality and provide a high-quality and accurate file.


Transcription software provides a script for the audio files, and it is the need of this technologically advanced era. It enhances the quality of the website and boosts up brand visibility.  Providing text for the audio files is a tough job and is a long-winded procedure. Proofreading a transcript is an added task that makes the job more time-taking. Transcription software with a proofreading feature saves people from the hassle and provides quality work in less time. 

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