Why You Should Be Sharing Video on Social Media Right Now

Video is one of the most powerful forms of communication in the current time, that is for sure. Also, it is a great medium to share your message and connect with the audience. This can help you to build trust and credibility with your followers. Therefore you must pay attention to sharing videos on social media.

If you are not using Video on social media, you are missing out on a powerful communication tool. Video is a great way to share your message and connect with your audience. Here is why you should be sharing video on social media right now.

Why You Should Be Sharing Video on Social Media Right Now

Why You Should Be Sharing Video on Social Media Right Now

I can show you numerous reasons to share videos on social media. But let’s discuss the 5 reasons to share videos on social media.

Maximum Exposure And Engagement

If you are using social media frequently, you will probably see more and more videos right now than in the past. That is because of the popularity and engagement that Video creates; no other things can create. Therefore social media platforms pay extra attention to videos and reach a wider audience that gives your maximum exposure than ever.

According to social media, algorithm video gets better results both for uploaders and viewers. And it holds the user’s attention for a long time; therefore, if you share a video, that would bring more exposure and reach your message to a larger audience.

For example, Instagram reels get the best growth right now to the audience. And it reaches a larger audience and gets better engagement than a picture or text post. If you have something to promote and you do the text-based promotion and create a video promotion, it is obvious the Video will get better exposure and engagement.

It Can Make You Popular

A study says social media users spend more than 6 hours a week watching videos. Rather than posting a bunch of text, you can better express your feelings and connect with the audience with a visual representation. It draws quick attention from the audience and stops them, and forces them to watch the video to see what you have to say. Because of the popularity of video, most social platforms allow you to share videos and also have an option for creating quick Videos.

And TikTok is the best example of that. It is easy and cheap to get views and Tiktok. That cheap TikTok views can be the result of huge popularity with a minimum effort. Even if it is not TikTok, it can be Instagram reels that work similarly by giving you the ability to post short videos. And it makes a strong connection between you and the audience through a video. Also, the audience feels more relatable to the Video than in other mediums. So it is easy to make a statement or post anything that you want to share through a video and gain popularity.

Powerful Sale Tool

If you want to sell a product, there is no quick and easy way to draw customers’ attention than creating a video promotion. You can show the real-life version of your product, and customers can see what they are about to buy. Therefore it is easy to convince them to buy the specific product. A good quality video promotion can provide twice the results of regular ads with a higher conversion rate.

Also, the Video reaches better than regular image and text-based ads. Even if you do not make any paid promotions, the Video reaches the audience organically and creates sales without spending any money. Moreover, you get popularity and trust from your audience when you show the production process and present the product from top to bottom.

If someone needs that product and can see a video version of that product with all the details they need to know, there is no reason not to convert them into your customer and make a handsome sale.

Popular Among New Generations

The new Z generation is more into videos than text or images. They love to create videos as well as watch others’ videos. If you want to gain popularity with the new generations, then you should share videos on social media that they are more used to watching regularly. This way, they feel more connected to you and gain your brand or your popularity among them. Also, it helps to build trust among them since they are familiar with this medium.

For example, TikTok is the most popular social media platform for young generations, where everyone shares short videos. The same thing goes for Instagram reels and your shorts. After seeing the popularity, Facebook also started giving similar features to attract and hold the traffic to the website. If you see the TikTok star’s ages right now, most of them are between 18-and 24 years old. That alone can prove how popular it is among the new generations.

Easy to Efficient Way

Creating a video for social media is not a huge production. You can even create a video with your smartphone and share that with your audience. So it is easier and quicker to say something through a video than typing a bunch of text that eventually draws less attention. Also, video making for social media is cost-efficient and a better way to make any promotion. You can show everything to the audience and make your statement strong through a video.


If you want to become popular or create a brand, sharing Video on social media is the most key factor that you need to do. Whether you want to make a sale or make yourself, a star video helps both. Now you know why you should be sharing video on social media right now. For this generation, sharing videos is the most popular way to reach the audience with a minimum effort. You have to follow this trend to gain success in social media and gain the maximum benefit from it.

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