Why you should choose Xiaomi over flagship brands

If you’re looking for a phone to buy it can be very easy to be overwhelmed with options. Just like when you’re looking for an online casino it can be hard to have to try everything before deciding on PlayCroco Casino Bonuses.

It’s very easy into falling into just buying whatever the newest phone in your budget from one of the big bands.

By big brands, I of course mean Samsung and Apple.

Everyone who’s ever bought a phone probably knows who those two brands are.

They are the big names, the flagships of the phone brands.

Apple has its iPhones and Samsung has the Galaxy lineup.

But does that mean they’re the best? Just because they’re well known doesn’t mean they’re the best quality.

Apple’s iPhones are actively removing features with each new phone and Samsung copies whatever Apple does. It’s a never ending cycle of devolution.

If you want good quality phones that are expected to last more than just a few years, they also have the features that the flagship brands decided to get rid of.

I’m talking about the things like headphone jacks, physical buttons, and replaceable batteries. The quality of life things that for a lot of people make using a phone just feel better, even if it doesn’t “look” as good.

Luckily there is still a brand that keeps almost all of these features in most of their new models of phones.

And that’s Xiaomi.

Why I switched from Samsung to Xiaomi

After seeing problems from Samsung phones among most of the people that I knew that owned one I knew there had to be some sort of competitor that could offer something better.

These problems included support for their phones ending after only a year or two of the phone being released, charging being very slow and batteries losing their max capacity fast in the time they owned them.

This among general grievances with the quality of the phones themselves (cracked screens, buttons that were hard to press) put a bad image out on Samsung.

While I’m sure that Samsung’s higher end phones certainly don’t suffer from these problems, the same can’t be said for their lower end phones.

If you want a good quality budget phone you just can’t really get away with the flagship brands.

Their big research and development goes into their flagship, fancy leading models, and can you blame them?

That’s where their real money is. Obviously, their most expensive phones are going to be the ones they make the most money on.

So where do you turn when you want a budget phone that performs better than something that just feels like a phone with all the corners cut?

To a budget brand and that’s what companies like Xiaomi really are.

They aren’t the leading brand for a reason. They don’t have the newest flashiest features but they have the ones you are going to most need.

If you buy the right one they are reliable, dependable and simple. All for very reasonable prices too.

What Xiaomi has

Xiaomi’s leading fleet of phones is the Note phones. The Note 7, 8, 9, and now 10.

They are great phones for their price points and are constantly at the top of lists for budget phones.

That’s for good reason too.

  • The phones use something called MIUI which is a version of Android that is sleek and easy to use and really suites the idea these phones are going for.
  • The phones might not be the most beautiful things, especially compared to what some thousand dollar phones can look like but they are sleek and they get the job done. They are smooth and fit in your hand. What more do you really need, you’re most likely going to get a case anyways?
  • The batteries last long and stay reliable. With the fast USB-c charging capabilities the phones can be fully charged in not that much over an hour. Along with that they can stay charged for easily a full day of active use and two days of infrequent use.

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