Windows 10 and Android get better integration with Myphone app

Recently Microsoft has renewed its hardware section with several Surface models and launched Windows 10’s latest version that, among other things, offers a very interesting new app for all those who frequently use smartphones, especially those with an Android operating system.

Thanks to Your Phone App, consumers will be able to use any app on their smartphone directly from the Windows desktop. Presently, its functions are quite limited as you can only see the latest photos taken from your phone and manage text messages directly from your PC but it’s been announced that upcoming updates will provide extended functions. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t yet revealed when these very interesting updates will be available to users.

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Similarly to those who choose 888sport betting markets, with this move Microsoft considers PCs as the operational center of every action we perform in the digital world. This is not an absolute novelty of course since there are already users who use WhatsApp on their computer but from what we understand, Your Phone App wants to achieve, after being fully operational, a complete mirroring of our portable device on Windows 10.

Although Microsoft announced the compatibility of the new app with iOS, in reality the application currently works in a rather limited way with Apple devices. On the contrary, Microsoft continues to concentrate on Google OS, in an attempt to make it a replacement of their long disappeared Windows Phone. The Windows Phone OS was also present on some devices that appeared recently on the market but didn’t get any great success, leaving users who own such devices with very limited support, so to say, to the operating system and their apps.

So we immediately tested the app with our phone and our PC with Windows 10 operating system. Although the setup was not as quick as expected (Windows took a few minutes to activate the smartphone, although it did not cause any further problems later), the use of the app appears intuitive and simple. For what concerns text messages, the app also requested an additional authorization, which was obtained just by clicking on the interface.

As for the images, the app immediately listed those available on the smartphone, but in limited numbers: only 25 are currently available, with no possibility to further extend synchronization.

We can therefore imagine how the extension of this number can become part of a further differentiation between different access packages to Windows 10, or that in the future the limit could be simply expanded once the service has been tested on the hundreds of millions of locations enabled. Both photo management and text messages management can be disabled through the app settings on the desktop.

So we’ll see if Your Phone App will really shorten the distance between our PCs with Windows 10 and our Android devices, eventually merging them…

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