10 World’s Oldest Casinos That You Need to Visit Once in Your Lifetime

Are you a true lover of casinos? Do you try to find the best casinos around the places on the Casinos Analyzer? What are your opinions when we are talking about the old casinos? We will be discussing the ten oldest casinos that a casino lover must visit in a lifetime.

The scenario around this industry is ever-changing. You are going to see better and newer innovations each day with changing times. However, the love for old is never less. People are still in love with the older versions of casinos and never miss an opportunity to visit one when they get the chance.

There is a different vibe altogether with the older casinos. What do you love the most about them? Well, you will never want to miss the ten of them that we are going to discuss here in the current blog. You will have an insight as to why you must visit them once in your lifetime. In the end, we will tell you a comparative analysis as to why the old ones are important to count.

List of Ten Oldest Casinos of the World That You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

Here is the complete and well-detailed list of the top ten casinos that you cannot miss to visit in your lifetime if you are a lover of the old. Make sure to devote due attention to the list as it can be a lifetime experience for you to visit them even once.

Circus Circus

When we are talking about the circus circus, one cannot ignore the vibe you will get here when you visit this place. The establishment of this place was in the year 1968 in the United States of America. The foundation stone was thereby MGM Resorts International. As the name is suggesting, one can cherish multiple circus shows here. However, for lovers of money, there are ample numbers of games that you can play here.

Caesars Palace

When we go back to establishing this place, it was 1966 in the United States of America. The location of Caesars Palace is in AAA Four Diamond hotel present in Nevada. There are ample numbers of people and tourists coming to this place every day. You cannot ignore the fact that it is one of the landmark buildings near the area. The luxurious prestige that comes along with the name of this place is unmatched and sounds luxurious.


With the foundation of this place in 1957, the site grabs a lot of attention from lovers and romantics. However, the present name and the authority of this place are not the same. People never miss the chance to be present here occasionally. The location of this place is in the United States of America. The looks are charming and appeal to those in love with the older era of beauty and architecture.

Casino de Venecia

There is no other better place that can match the beauty of this casino present in Italy. Beautiful water canals surround the casino delivering it with a mysterious yet charming look altogether. The establishment of the casino was in the year 1638. Princess Caroline is the person behind this plan to open a casino in Monaco. The revenues and taxes from the place were in utilization in the kingdom and the empire’s uses.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

Visiting Germany without paying a visit to this place is seriously a drastic mistake that one can make. The year in which this casino came into existence was 1834. The design was, however, ready in the year 1824 by the great Friedrich Weinbrenner. Since the mid-1830s, there is a lot of attention by the people to this casino. People never miss coming and admire the beauty that is present here.

Casino de Monte Carlo

Another place in Monaco, there is a lot of tourists who come to this place every year. As per the tourists, the design and the beauty of the site and around appeal to them often. Also, one can enjoy some good games at this place. It was in the year 1856 when people were getting to know about this place more and more.

Golden Gate Casino

The foundation of this place was in the year 1906 in the United States of America. Earlier, there was a temporary tent hotel that was here for a long time. However, the present scenario is way more different from the place. There are several games that players can enjoy and make a profit. It is also among the busiest site in the vicinity.

Crockfords Club

You must visit Crockfords Club if you are in the United Kingdom. The year 1928 was the existence year of the place. It is among the oldest sites that you can get in London. The reputation and the amenities of the area are somewhat that a casino lover will always admire.

Casino de Wiesbaden

In the year 1949, Germany got one of the best and the oldest casinos. The place has the origin and the current uses as different types of events and aspects. Spa, hotel, convention center, you name it, and you will get it in this place.

Flamingo Casino

Caesars Entertainment Corporation takes the credit for operating and owning the place, which came into existence in 1946. In the complete Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, one cannot forget to visit this place. There are different luxurious amenities that you can enjoy here.


Older versions have a different charm to them. No matter how many innovations may come, the love for the old will be eternal. The scenario around this industry is ever-changing. The love for old is never less. People are still in love with the older versions of casinos and never miss an opportunity to visit one when they get the chance. The list of the best and the oldest casinos can never end. However, these are the top ones that you must visit in your lifetime.

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