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Yanny or Laurel ? What do you hear, this is the answer!

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Yanny or Laurel? What do you guy hear?  [Answer below]

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This has become the hot topic today, as a username Rolandcamry posted a voice video on Reddit, many people will hear differently.


yanny laurel

Play the Video Below, What you hear?

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yanny laurel


HERE is the ANSWER for WHY?   Why Yanny or Laurel?

Test Your Ear now!

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If your ears can hear high frequency then you can hear “Yanny”, but if you can’t hear the high frequency, probably you can only hear “Laurel”

Hearing loss or damage will cause you hard to hear the high-frequency sound. This might due to exposure to loud noise for long-term or use earphone for long-term. For those who always clubbing, working near to flight engine, and always exposed to loud noise environment, they tend to have hearing loss. Please protect your ear, once your hearing loss, it will not reversible.

Check Your Hearing [ from 8kHz to 22kHz]

It is common for people who are above 25 years old cannot hear above 15kHz and also experience some level of hearing damage or loss, such as tinnitus. This test will help you to check what is the cutoff point of your hearing power. Usually, musicians experiencing the higher chance of hearing loss. If you are using earphone for the extended period of time, it may permanently damage your hearing. As we age, our hearing loses gradually. 

Below is some test of your hearing, play from 8kHz and slowly increasing to the higher frequency. 















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