How to repair bricked Moto E with stock firmware

In previous post, we have shown you we can improve the battery life of Moto E using the simple script, and now we are back to easy to follow guide to repair it or simply to unbrick the Moto E using the stock firmware. Sometimes it happens that we try to do something new to(…)

How to Improve battery life of Moto E

Mote E, apart from being an affordable smartphone, it comes along with quite powerful hardware to pull up many apps and games, but as we know they all consume most of the battery power of phone. The Moto E is blessed with Non-removable Li-Ion 1980 mAh battery, which offers good battery back up, up to(…)

MultiRom Mod For Moto E to Install Multiple Roms

MultiRom, one of most talked feature of Nexus 7 which allows users to have multiboot facility to boot into different operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch, WebOS, multiple Android based Roms and much more, now can be ported on Motorola Moto E as well with full functionality and powerful features which have been blessed on(…)

How to update OnePlus One to Android 4.4.3 KitKat

Here we comes with another good stuff for smart phone. The first handset from OnePlus, a Chinese mobile manufacture company, who devoted the smart phone market with their extra ordinary smartphone tagged with low price and high-end specs. Even through it’s a Chinese company, they introduced first and flagship model, who have been featured with(…)

Must Have Apps for Moto E, G and X

All the three handsets from Motorola, Moto E, G and X, are awesome deals in all aspects, their specifications, price, quality and performance, all together make them perfect one respectively. Since all the three handsets comes with pure Android operating systems, so they lacks some important applications which are usually we needed many times a(…)

15 Best Games for Moto G You Would Love to Play

I have been using Motorola Moto G for more than three months, each day it impress me more, it surprise me more and make me more used to of it. Since ever I started using smart phone, I must say, this handset is the best one I have ever had in all aspects. Apart from(…)

How to save Internet Data usage on Moto E

After being a Google Company, Motorola has came up with three awesome devices to boost their visibility in smartphone market again. All the three devices, Moto E (recently launched), Moto G and Moto X, worth more than their costs in aspects. After using Samsung’s devices, now just a week before, I purchased a Moto G(…)

Top 10 Games for Samsung Galaxy S5

So you have purchased a newly launched Samsung Galaxy S5 and looking for best games for it. The smart phone is capable of playing almost any game with promise of lag free and amazing gaming experience. Recently, we’ve published few articles regarding this handset, guide to root Samsung Galaxy S5 and how to restore Galaxy(…)

How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S5 with stock firmware

Being a popular device opens tons of opportunities to Android developers to show their excellence and brilliance through building mods, custom Roms and other useful stuff. But sometimes using them leads to dead device or simply to brick condition. In some cases, some functionality of device stop working ¬†or behaves differently. To resolve that brick(…)

How to backup and restore EFS on Samsung Galaxy S5 without PC

EFS partition on any smart phone contains the very important data related to handset such as its IMEI number, radio settings, profiles, etc. And if once you lost them, it is harder to get them back. The same is important for Galaxy S5 users too. If you’re looking to backup EFS partition on Samsung Galaxy(…)