5 CBD Vape Oil Hacks You Must Know

CBD oils are available in numerous forms for you to take – oral drops, edibles, tints, lotions and creams, sprays, patches, buds but using CBD Oil Vapes is the most fast-acting one of all. Inhaling CBD passes it into your bloodstream through the lungs, needing only some seconds to make you feel the effect. You can try zen vapes in this regard. You can still make your experience better by using these quick, easy hacks below:

5 CBD Vape Oil Hacks You Must Know


Your lungs can only take some amount of CBD oils from the vapor. If you do not take deep breaths to get the cloud of smoke, there will not be enough CBD absorbed to give you good results.

It is helpful to take deep breaths, draw large amounts of vapor that give you a more significant amount of CBD Oil, holding it in to feel its effect way better than before. Follow it in a step manner –

  • Take a deep breath and feel your chest rise.
  • Let your lungs expand with vapor. The more pull, the more amount of CBD you are ingesting.
  • Hold the vapor in for 5-10 seconds. That will dissipate the vapor; you will absorb the CBD.
  • Breathe out, and you should not see much vapor if you are doing it right.
  • Give it a second before taking your second hit.

While you shop CBD oil, uou can also use CBD Vape kits to take more enormous hits and enhance the benefits of CBD in your body. You can check out some awesome CBD vape kits online. 


After being on one type of CBD cartridge for a long time, you will likely build tolerance, and it is going to take you amounts of CBD to get an effect.

You can avoid this by refreshing your palette by jumping between oil and flower cartridges every once in a while and trying various flavors. There are all that you can ever imagine, do not keep yourself limited to only one or two of them. You might end up with your new favorite. Numerous options are available, from exotic fruits, flavor combinations, crisp scents to floral essences, do not stop yourself and experiment with all you want. You can also try different brands, kits, and forms of Vape Oil.

After getting your preferences right, you should also pay much attention to CBD dosage. It is essential to get the dosage right. Too little of it does make you feel its effect as it should; too much of it may have you passing out, nauseous and fidgety. The dosages vary from person to person as your body may react to them differently. So try different dosages and choose the one that feels the most restorative.

Trying out different flavors, dosages, and types of cartridges makes your vaping more enjoyable.

5 CBD Vape Oil Hacks You Must Know


Another way of drawing clouds of vapor and getting the most out of your CBD vape experience is making a vape bong. ‘Milkshake’ is filling a glass or a bottle with smoke and getting a massive hit at once! It is easy but still pretty hardcore. You do not need much to make your bong hit – just a bottle and your CBD Vape pen are enough to have fun.

Make it on your own like this.

  • Take an empty water bottle and make a hole, just enough for your vape to slide.
  • Seal it in place with tape so that none of the smoke leaks out
  • With the cap screwed, push your vape drip tip on and see the bottle fill with vapor
  • Once there is enough smoke filled in the bottle, unscrew the cap and directly take a huge hit.

While taking the hit, if you use our first breathing hack, the effect is increased tenfold. So if you are having a hard time getting CBD absorbed into your system, this is the best way to do so. However, since you are inhaling such large amounts of CBD, make sure that you do not go overboard; it may get dangerous.


There is a reason why you should keep your cartridges in a cool and dry place. Keeping your cartridges in the sunlight is a big no-no. Just a couple of days in sunlight can degrade them and have a pretty drastic difference. They do not rot or expire, but their effect decreases if they are in the sun, and you would not want a lousy cartridge. If you want to get into the chemical effect, it is called passive evaporation and decreases the potency of your cartridges.

CBD oil cartridges can also become lumpy and have a hard time coming in contact with the coil. The gunk can also change the taste and effect of your CBD. That can also severely damage your device. It is essential that you keep your cartridges upright and always in contact with the heating coil.


Use specialized batteries for CBD oils and not just the built-in ones as they often struggle with CBD Cartridges even if they are known to work well with oils. You can use batteries that are made especially for vape oil for an uncompromised experience.

CBD has a boiling point of around 160 – 180 degrees Celsius/ 320 – 350 degrees Fahrenheit. More than this can burn and render the CBD oil useless as it gives an unpleasant bitter flavor.  A lower temperature than this will not be able to extract the effect, taste, or vapor. A voltage around 3.3 – 3.8 V is the most elite range that you can play around until you get the most suitable for yourself.


This article helps you have a little more fun with your CBD Vape Oil and enhance your experience with easy, unique, and super helpful hacks.

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