5 Chill Mobile Games Available For Android

Some play video games to win the day on a virtual football pitch or be the last player standing in a battle royale arena. But gaming does not always have to be competitive. Incidentally, chill games emphasising stress relief are taking over the mobile gaming sphere. So, how would you feel about peacefully tending to farm animals or guiding a magical character across a series of whimsical realms? From social adventures to life simulations, let’s dive into five chill games worth discovering on Android.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is a free-to-play adventure game focusing on exploration and healing. Acting as a Child of the Light, you must return fallen stars to their original constellations to rekindle hope across seven dreamlike realms. Along your journey, you cross paths with fresh faces, several of whom have long been roaming this ever-expanding open world.

Despite your character being speechless, this contemplative MMO lets you engage with fellow gamers from around the world. Forging friendships allows you to unlock new powers and items. Meanwhile, you may create serene spaces where to unwind alongside your newfound mates. And if you’ve fallen in love with the game’s charming atmosphere, an animated series based on its lore is in the works.

Terrarium: Garden Idle

Some are lucky enough to have a garden at the back of their homes. Others live in a flat and do not get chances to practice their gardening skills often. If you belong in that category, Terrarium has got you covered. This crop idle game is all about growing a virtual terrarium you can fill with indoor pot plants to increase your oxygen income.

Adding new shelves to expand your sweet haven is gratifying, even if ads pop up every time you level up. But if you don’t feel like playing, this low-effort game farms currency for you, meaning you can only pick it up whenever you need a therapeutic gaming session.


Moving house is as moving as it gets in this meditative puzzler. Unpacking follows an unnamed character as they move from their child’s bedroom to their family home. Every time you settle in a new place, you unbox the personal belongings of this faceless protagonist before placing them wherever you see fit. As years pass, new items appear, and some are left behind.

With its Marie Kondo-esque vibe, Unpacking is an incredibly satisfying tidy- ‘em-up. Far from a bland mix of block-fitting puzzle-solving and home decorating, this title also offers an emotional deep dive into what it means to grow up. The soulful melodies devised by BAFTA-awarded composer Jeff van Dyck add even more weight to the journey. As heartwarming as it is, Unpacking tells a relatively short story.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a cosy farming simulation that gets you to swap your unfulfilling office job for a fun life in the country. Taking over your late grandpa’s rural homestead, you can turn it into a thriving rural estate by cultivating fresh crops to sell and buying farm animals to produce everything from homemade cheese to mayonnaise and truffle oil. On your time off, you might also befriend the residents of Pelican Town, catch fish on exotic islands, or play blackjack at the neighbouring casino.

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Forest Island

Forest Island caters to players looking to free themselves of anxiety after a nerve-wracking workday or a tense day at home. This idle game puts you in charge of a single task: building your dream island. You can invite many adorable animals over to restore this magical land of lush forests and turquoise waters, be they arctic wolves, dolphins, or rabbits.

You may create various habitats to accommodate them while protecting wildlife by purifying the island from ruins and potential degradation. After working hard on your virtual zen paradise, a relaxation mode allows you to simply stroll through your island. Then, the calming sounds of birds singing by the duck pond and trees rustling in the wind can rock you straight to sleep.

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