5 Movie Scenes That You Can Recreate With Your Date In Ooty

If you’ve been living in India, we are sure that you have always been a huge Bollywood fan. From Laila Majnu to Heer Ranja and from Mohabbatein to Ram Leela, Bollywood has consistently glorified love in the most beautiful way. Bollywood has grown so much in recent years, coming up with more woke and non-offensive versions of romance.

It might be old school, but we miss the days when love was shy, coy, and subtle. All you’d want would be to play ‘Din Shagna Da’ at your wedding. Out of the many things we would want to do when we find the love of our lives, as a Bollywood fan, one of those things has got to be going on movie-like dates with them!

We know what you’re wondering; how can you talk about romantic destinations in India without talking about Ooty, right? So lo and behold! Let’s discuss beautiful Bollywood-inspired dates in the beautiful city of Ooty. The cherry on the cake, cab service in Bangalore is brilliant; hence, commuting to Ooty just got easier! That said, here’s a list of movie-like dates we believe you would want to go on with the love of your life in Ooty:

1. Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani

We believe in the beauty of simple things. As much as the jazz and glamour that comes with Bollywood today is wonderful, some of us have always been in absolute awe of the love that sneaks in tiny moments like going on a walk together or grocery shopping. Like Jenny and Prem, you too should go to the farmer’s market and shop as well. It’s in the simplest moments in life that love prospers the most.

2. Dil Se

In the backdrop of the beautiful and enormous Nilgiri Hills, travelling in a train with your loved one, listening to Chaiya Chaiya on loop – well, that’s what we call a cool date! If you are someone who loves dancing and singing, this will make for a fun-filled date for you.

3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This movie is one of the most iconic romantic movies birthed by the father of Bollywood romance – Karan Johar. As a person who has grown up watching such movies, we are sure you can attest to the fact that almost all of us have wished to live the tiny, dramatic moments Rahul and Anjali got to live. But the most romantic moment between the two is Rahul and Anjali’s slow dancing in the shed during the summer camp. You might think it was in Shimla, but in reality – it was the gorgeous city of Ooty.

4. Maine Pyar Kiya

If you’ve always loved the water, and felt a deep connection to it, boating has to be one of your favourite dates. And the boating scene in Maine Pyaar Kiya at Ooty Lake, was breathtaking! Everything about Ooty is magical, but its boathouse is one of our favourite things about it.

5. Barfi

This beautiful masterpiece of a movie is one of the best things that’s ever happened to Indian cinema. And one of the most loved scenes in that movie was when Barfi and Shruti went out cycling together, on the beautiful stretched-out roads of Ooty, in the song Mai Kya Karoon. The weather, the picturesque mountains, and the romance – all of that screams Bollywood and romance!

We believe that all of us love romance, even if we aren’t romantics! But being efficient is also important, and hence knowing exactly how to travel easily in cabs from Bangalore to Ooty. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip today!

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