7 Easy Steps to Organize VDR Software for Biopharmaceutical Partnerships

Do Bioscience & Pharm Industries need virtual data rooms? We dare say ‘Yes.’ Any biopharma business holds so much significance for society so keeping its documentation intact is crucial. Inappropriate operations with data and deals with wrong partners may cost too much here. This review will display how VDRs can help to avoid such failures and take your bioscience company to a new level of success.

VDR Benefits for Biopharma Companies

To compare and pick the best data rooms for your life science company, you need to understand the essentials of how they work. For all types of business in general and for the pharmaceutical one in particular, a VDR represents ample storage and a secure negotiation room the main options of which will be:

Data Protection

One of the main components of data room software is a complex of security tools designed to protect your sensitive info from leakage, hacking, etc. Some of the top VDR vendors offer additional protection instruments together with standard packages.


Most VDRs will give you the ability to log all the activities via a dataroom. Thus, you can monitor all stages of your projects, detect weaknesses, and improve your strategies.

Smooth Interaction

A nice VDR can serve as a secure place for all sorts of negotiations and exchanging documents. In the biopharmaceutical sector, such operations may be fateful for your business. Moreover, meeting online is simply cost-effective since you and your partners do not need to go anywhere.

Integration Abilities

VDRs are certified products with high standards of the equipment used in them. So, data room services will work consistently with your normal programs.

Customizable Access

Storing your papers in an electronic data room will not only allow you to keep them in order. You can control access to them in multiple ways. Who can access your data? Which level of access do they have? You are the one to decide. Your VDR will allow you to set up a flexible but strict system of access rules.


Although quite tangled mechanisms lie at the basis of VDR instruments, you can use them almost intuitively as well as adjust and manage your dataroom with ease.

Why Utilize VDR in the Pharma & Life Science Industry?

The above-stated features of online data room software form an essential pack of options necessary for successful deals and agreements. In the case of a biopharmaceutical enterprise, they will include the following transactions:

  • Strategic partnership
  • Fundraising
  • Clinical trials
  • Initial public offering (IPO)
  • Licenses

All of this involves exchanging competitive and secret information, be it a legal audit required for obtaining a license or a due diligence procedure during the talks with investors-to-be. Anyway, you would scarcely find a more secure and profit-giving means than a properly organized VDR.

How to Adjust a VDR for Your Life Science Business?

An absolute plus of the top VDRs is that organizing an optimal work of the data room software at your disposal is by all means simple. Let us take the example of due diligence to explain the process of adjusting your VDR for the coming transaction.

1. Pick a VDR provider

Since you work in a biopharma company, you cannot use a low-standard VDR for your deals. To pick one of the best data rooms providers, factor in such features:

  • Reputation & Experience: find this info in VDR reviews;
  • Security options: choose operators that offer a broad choice of protective and monitoring tools;
  • Functionality capabilities: the right VDR for your business does not necessarily have to be overloaded with instruments and functions. However, it definitely should have the ones you need;
  • Price: do not buy too cheap services – deals in the bioscience industry require a quality VDR with correspondent pricing;
  • Handiness: when you cannot get into how the chosen VDR works, this might be the sign to skip it and try another.
  • Create more data rooms

Be sure to employ different data rooms for different purposes. Thus, you can organize a welcome VDR for prospective investors. Here, you can display introductory programs to attract more partners. When arranging a deal with trusted investors, employ a dedicated VDR with specific security rules and rules of access to your sensitive info.

2. Be ready for checklists

Due diligence data rooms have numerous options including that of checklists. When your possible investor delivers you a due diligence checklist, this is your chance to gather all the mentioned papers beforehand. So, you will be prepared in the most beneficial way for the deal.

3. Add file structure to your VDR

Make your dataroom properly structured. This file structure should comply with the due diligence checklist you have received. You can use functions of indexing, file-naming, categorizing, etc to make your VDR convenient for searching any document.

4. Define Security Settings

The best data rooms will supply you with a wide range of security tools. You are the one to determine the access rules and conditions for printing and downloading, fence view, watermarking, etc.

5. Upload the documentation

Now, it is time to add all the necessary documents. Be sure to assemble them beforehand. At your disposal are VDR functions like redaction. With its help, you can keep your top-secret data intact.

6. Add users

Finally, invite your investors to start the main part of the negotiations. This also can be a dedicated data room with specific security rules applied.

Final Word

For biopharmaceutical deals, the choice of the right virtual data room with enough capacity is crucial. However, you should also pay thorough attention to your VDR organization. This easy-to-implement procedure is a must for your successful and secure transactions.

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