The Best Business Android Apps of 2021

Very often a modern person has to travel a lot in order to develop own business. These can be trips to remote corners of the country or to foreign countries. Often people need access to information stored on their home computer or on the company’s computer. This problem can be solved by arranging remote access to it using a modem and telephone line.

The disadvantages of a telephone line are that a call from another country costs a lot of money. There is another solution called VeePN vpn for android. The advantage of VeePN is that the organization of remote access is done over the Internet. So, it is much cheaper and better to use vpn apps in comparison with a telephone line. Services are often provided free of charge. To organize remote access to a private network using vpn for android, you only need the Internet and a valid IP address. In addition, the user can unblock any website quickly and easily. It will not be difficult to find and download the required document using the technology.

Mobile applications in general and VPN apps, in particular, have changed the business, work, personal life, the quality of the services received, the goods purchased, and the communication of billions of people in the world.

Benefits of Using Android Apps in the Business Sphere

The use of digital technologies is not a luxury but a vital necessity for business. The best business apps allow automating many organizational issues, coping with current affairs, and finding time for leisure and self-development. As practice shows, top apps for business professionals are usually offered by large corporations and retail chains. Their services are usually free for customers and include a variety of information and operational capabilities.

It should be noted that the best apps to grow your business began to gain popularity after the formation of the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in US companies.

When company management realized that smartphones are used for work and carry high risks of information leakage, and the ban or division of devices into work and home works poorly, they tried to take control of mobile space. Now every major mobile vendor (Apple, Google, Microsoft) has certain mechanisms by which you can clear information from the central server and disable access to data on lost mobile devices or on remote devices.

10 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs 2021

10 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs 2021

Here are 10 popular android apps for business:

  1. VPN for android. Today, the task of a head often consists of the organization of reliable VPN channels for employees who work outside the office. VeePN for android is the integration of individual devices or local area networks into a virtual network, which ensures reliable security and integrity of transmitted data. Not so long ago, VPN for android was a high-tech novelty, but today it is a necessary tool for every organization or user who wants to hide own data among other user data. In essence, VeePN for android protects the privacy of data on the network;
  2. Expensify. This application is one of the new android apps. It helps to synchronize credit cards and bank accounts, pay in cash by scanning a check. It is offered free of charge and is compatible with Android;
  3. LinkedIn. Helps keep abreast of industry news, search for the right contacts, and keep in touch with existing ones. The use of the application is free. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone;
  4. Any.DO. It is a task manager, which allows you to synchronize data on mobile, enter new tasks with voice commands, sort by folders, date of execution, geolocation, and delete completed tasks. The application is offered to users free of charge. It is compatible with iPhone, Android;
  5. Sign Now. This is a kind of electronic signature, which is always ready. Just upload a document in pdf, Word, or another file to the application, then you can sign with your finger – and send the document by mail or save it. This app is free of charge and compatible with iPhone, Android;
  6. Asana. It is the application for organizing teamwork. A project is created and sent to invited participants. With the help of this application, you can appoint people responsible for the tasks, make a calendar of cases, and more. The app is free up to 30 commands. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android;
  7. inDinero. This is one of the most useful new android apps. It allows you to keep all accounting online, track income, taxes, expenses. All data is stored by multi-step protection. The application is free to download, but the software includes tariff plans from $ 349 to $ 1999. The application is compatible with Android and iPhone;
  8. Evernote. Task manager, a universal notebook, a repository of all ideas. The application allows you to make recordings, including voice, attach pictures, recognize audio and images, save web pages and handwritten notes. It is free of charge. Premium account $ 5 per month for 1 GB of storage. The app is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone;
  9. TripIt. The application will be appreciated by everyone who frequently travels on business. All you have to do is send a registration confirmation letter to the organizer, and the application will create a journal entry and a waypoint in your itinerary and will also help keep all the necessary documents in one place. The basic account is provided free of charge. TripIt is compatible with iPhone, Android;
  10. HootSuite. Now that everyone in small business has realized that without SMM, it is expensive and difficult to promote, it remains to learn to keep up. HootSuite, a mobile application for cross-platform publishing, will save time on posting on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. The application is offered to users free of charge. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Thus, it is advantageous to use the best business apps to solve internal business problems, automation, and increase productivity.

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