Best Free Gaming Chat Apps On Android

Gamers are built different and we all know they chat differently when compared to most people. Good game chat always features a voice chat element, text chat element, and video chat element. Now, most of the modern ones feature the streaming element. They are either connected to Twitch or have their streaming service.

A bonus point will be when these apps have other features that help increase the excitement people have. Although they are not many, there are still a number of them available on the internet and the gamers probably know most of them. In this article brought to you by online casino usa, we will be listing out a few of the best gamer chat apps available for Android.


Discord being named on this list is normalcy. Everybody has a good knowledge of what it is and how it works. It is considered the most popular gamer chat app across the world. In this app, there is an endless number of servers that can be created and customize to suit your needs. Just like every other gaming chat app, it has voice and video chat features as well as an integrated streaming service.

Log in with your gaming profiles and reveal to people the game you’re playing. Discord has a free version that works for like 97% of people. The only reason people pay for Nitro – which is $9.99 per month – is to share large images, GIF emotes support, and per-server features.


The band is like a new kid around the block trying to get to know more people by displaying his skills. Band is a group chat app that shares some similarities with Discord. You can easily create a group, invite your friends and start enjoying the features integrated with the app. Group voice calls can be done and you can upload almost anything you wish to in terms of video clips or memes. This new app was created for all other types of stuff, but it can be integrated for gaming purposes. It is also free to use like other gamer chat apps.


This is another gamer chat app that works from a security perspective, according to Australian pokies online. Its voice chat, video chats and messages are all fully encrypted on this app. Element offers almost the same experience as other gamer chat apps aside from that.

You can also create servers, invite your friends, and start chatting with them as you like. Element, however, is self-hosted so it required a little bit of a learning curve. It’s like the Band app that places a lot of focus on privacy and security.


Guilded is considered as the main competitor to Discord with the custom emotes it offers for each server, voice chats, video chats, broadcasting (streaming), and threaded conversations. Along with bots, Guilded also supports gaming communities. It’s still relatively new to the gaming community, and it still suffers from occasional bugs. Guilded is on the rise, it’s only a matter of time.

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