Features of Online Plinko Game

Plinko is an exciting game with potentially winning rounds. It has become one of the best gambling activities in the world and has become even more popular in India. In Plinko India for real money, players must determine where a ball released from the top of a maze filled with clothes pegs will eventually land.

Game Features

Plinko isn’t cluttered with a lot of useless features, there are several of them like free balls or bonus games that you can activate. Besides the autoplay option, Plinko’s main ones are based on your stakes and how you set up. As a result, the Plinko betting features you will find include an auto-play option and various risk management options. Here’s a quick overview of these variations: 

  • Risk Management. This feature allows you to determine your risk level and change the odds when playing Stake Plinko. For example, if you decide to play twelve rows with a medium risk level, your maximum potential win will be 33 times your stake. However, if you select the four highest risk rows, your potential payout will be 1,000 times your bet;
  • Auto play function. The auto-play feature is located on the Auto tab in Risk Management settings. It allows you to set the bet amount, risk level, number of rows and number of consecutive rounds you want to play.

How to play the game

A fast-paced game with the potential to place bets and win money, it is one of the best-selling online gambling games in the world. In the online Plinko for real money, you have to guess where a ball thrown from the top of a maze will land. Like any other slot, it has its own features that make the process more predictable for users. Let’s look at how to play the Plinko game:

  • Understand the features and clearly identify the game scheme;
  • Choosing the point of impact;
  • Chip reset;
  • Receiving a prize.

The trick is that the maze consists of several rows of pegs, and the ball accidentally bumps into them as it moves through the maze. As a result, the ball’s trajectory is constantly changing, making it difficult to say for sure where it will land. If the ball lands in a high-paying slot, the player wins a big cash prize.

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