Five Blackjack Tips To Beat The Dealer

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a high roller? Going into a casino and beating the blackjack dealer and winning plenty of chips – or even playing blackjack online for real money?

Whatever your chosen vice, Blackjack is a game with serious financial risk, so anytime you can get a helping hand against the dealer – you should take it!

So, we’ve done just that. Here’s a helping hand – below are five Blackjack tips to help you beat the dealer!

Tip One: Sticking To A Strategy

Sticking to an easy, basic strategy when it comes to a game of chance is incredibly important. One great start is to assume that the dealer’s next card is always going to be a 10. This could be a 10, a King, a Queen or a Jack. An Ace can be 11 but also act as a 1.

Some people choose to use strategy charts or guides. These are usually available in some stores in a small pocket-sized form and most casinos are fine with you using them during play. If you’re playing online, you can also find these online or download handy apps which can assist you in your game. They can guide you on whether to hit, stand, fold, double down or split.

If you’re playing in a casino, it’s important to know the hand signals as this is the way the dealer will know what you’re choosing. For a hit, you hit or scratch the table. To stand, wave your hand at the table. One finger will indicate you want to double down and two fingers will indicate you wish to split.

Tip Two: Wise Play

It’s always a good idea to double your bet if your cards that are dealt equate to 11. If you’re dealt a pair of aces or a pair of 8s, it’s wise to split. You’re hoping to get a 10. These tactics are basic and are your best chance of getting a higher score than the dealer.

Tip Three: Knowing Not To Split

Splitting is a fantastic strategy but there are times when it is ill-advised. If you are dealt two 5s, you don’t want to split them. If you were given two 10s, effectively you’ve now got two sets of 15s. Whereas, if you count the original two cards as a 10 – the highest possible card that can be dealt will get you to a desired 21, whereas a 10 or another picture card will give you a 20. Either way, you’re in better hands by simply hitting.

Tip Four: Maximizing Your Winnings

If you’ve won 3 or more hands in a row, chances are you’re on a streak and that’s what Blackjack does – it runs in streaks. So, raise your stake when you’re on a streak and lower it if you begin losing. You don’t want to wait too long before getting in on the maximum possible return because the house will inevitably begin to win again and you’ll lose any money you’ve profited.

Tip Five: Practice Makes Perfect

Much like anything else in life, if you want a sure-fire way to get better and increase your chances of beating the opposition – in this case, the dealer – then you’ll want to practice as much as possible. Try starting with free apps or online games where you don’t play for money. As you get better and more experienced, dip your toes in the online blackjack games for real money and then get to a casino. It’s a great experience that you will never forget!

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