How to grow an eCommerce business in easy steps?

Creating your own business is not as big a problem as developing it and increasing profits. If you already have a ready-made commercial site, it makes sense to think over the steps to improve it, increase sales, and more. It is worth approaching this issue systematically and not selectively, and it will be more pronounced.

Simple Steps Every Entrepreneur Can Do

Creating a commercial site takes only a few months, but it can take years to improve and develop.

Use ads

Most search engines, including Google, offer ads. The advantage of this method is that you pay for clicks to your site, not just for views. The cost of such services is low, but you can immediately attract the attention of potential customers.

Usually, SEO promotion takes a lot of time, so at first, it makes sense to use advertising to attract users’ attention immediately.

Use email newsletter

Use email newsletter

Nearly 59% of shoppers report that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions. A good solution would be to have several accounts at once, from which you could send out mailings.

In these emails, you can talk about upcoming sales, product updates, promotions, and other benefits of partnering with you.

Lost sales retargeting

According to some reports, more than 70% of buyers abandon the shopping cart and do not return it in the future. Set up an email reminder for a product the person added to their cart last week.

Even if it does not lead to a purchase, you will remind potential customers about yourself again and increase brand awareness.

Optimize your site for mobile devices

An eCommerce software company owner must understand that more buyers use the site from mobile devices. That is why it is necessary to make sure that the mobile version of the site is as convenient as possible.

A good solution would also be to create a mobile application. It will be very convenient for regular customers, as they will be able to track their orders more efficiently, receive notifications of product updates, and much more.

Improve your support

Improve your support

Users will be more willing to cooperate with you if they know how to solve possible problems quickly. Most of the tips to build an eCommerce site involve setting up a small call center that will include chat specialists.

It is vital that support staff be interested in helping a person solve his or her problem and be polite and patient.

Collect reviews

Nobody knows how to improve your website better than your client. You can not only read reviews but also encourage buyers to leave them. So, for example, you can offer people gifts or significant discounts for taking unboxing videos or simply ask them to leave a review in an email newsletter.

In addition, you can arrange a small survey among users about what they want to change and the pros and cons of your product. In addition to the question, it is desirable that a list of possible options be offered and the opportunity to give a complete answer.

Create communities on social networks

To attract the attention of a more significant number of users, it makes sense to start pages on all known social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. Here you can post examples of your products, information about new arrivals, discounts, and even hold various promotions. The number of subscribers must constantly be growing.

Create communities on social networks

The advantage of this solution is that you can achieve several goals at the same time:

  • Brand promotion;
  • Increasing the audience;
  • Additional external links to your site;
  • Increasing the number of sales (you can also place an order through social networks).

Usually, maintaining social networks is a rather complicated process that requires time and perseverance. To simplify this process, you can use special applications. They duplicate one post on all other social networks.

Test regularly

Many owners of commercial sites believe that testing should be done only before the project’s launch, but this is far from the case. For a website to be successful, it must constantly evolve and you’re full of offering new products and services as well as monitor market trends and make the right UI/UX changes in time. When creating a new module, it is necessary to make further tests. It will allow you to understand if they interfere with the work of old modules.

In addition, you need to check the bandwidth of the site regularly. It is crucial during sales or holidays. So, the site may begin to freeze due to many users, and you will lose a considerable number of orders.

Large corporations in the average cost of website development are trying to put a lot of money into testing. It allows you to create a high-quality product with good functionality, user interface, and performance.

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