How To Make Money From Playing Crypto Games

It is no secret that the gaming industry is earning a lot of money. The profit from in-game purchases, the use of advertisements and other income streams are adding up to over 100 billion dollars a year.

One way to make money from cryptocurrency is to develop games that accept it as a payment method. This is not a new concept as some of the popular online games have been accepting digital currency payments for quite a while now.

The rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including ETH, ADA, ALGO USDT and others has attracted more people to invest in them. But there are still many who aren’t aware of this and are looking for ways to earn money using their crypto assets. Crypto Games give you the opportunity to do exactly that.

Understanding NFT Games

Making money from cryptocurrency games is certainly easier said than done, as it is a rather new and tricky way to make money, but if you manage to get the hang of it, it can be a very fun and rewarding experience. 

For the most part, these types of games revolve around making in-game purchases, which will either give you an advantage or unlock things for your enjoyment. To make money from cryptocurrency games, you need to have both luck and skill. 

You can earn money in NFT games by selling inventory items or betting on the outcome of matches. But you can also earn money by exchanging your game items for real world currencies, such as NFT-based crypto exchanges. 

Crypto exchange gives you the ability to trade game assets outside of the game with fast and transparent transactions. This is possible because cryptocurrency exchange utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With cryptocurrencies, you can now easily trade any NFTs in your possession and make a profit from trading.

The key is to choose the best platform to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. In this article, we analyze several platforms and determine which ones have the best features for selling and trading NFTs. 

What is NFT?

In the world of cryptocurrency, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a token that can hold all the same values as an ERC-721 token. Just like with collectibles, CryptoKitties are unique, just like one snowflake is different from another. 

With crypto, these tokens can be verified using a blockchain to ensure that each CryptoKitty is unique and that there are no duplicates. They keep track of anything and everything you can imagine. 

These tokens have been proven to be reliable because they have been around for years and have not been compromised or attacked. All of this makes them a perfect store of value for any blockchain or platform that needs a secure place to store data.

Ways To Earn Money in NFT Games

Making money from playing Crypto Games is easy. All you have to do is play the games that offer APT USDT or other coins as a reward. There are many games out there that offer these coins as a reward for winning. In addition, there are many games that have special offers that give you more than one way to win.

Earn In-game Currency

One of the main things people want to know when they get into a new game is how they can earn currency in that game. The currencies earned in-game are used to buy items, skins, and boosts.

You can farm them, or buy them on the open market. Farm them by completing milestones, quests, or just playing the game. Buy them on the open market by finding an NFT you want and making an offer on it.


The animal collection is one of the most basic, yet popular activities in NFT games. It’s an easy way to earn money and other items that can be used or sold for a profit. The most basic way to collect animals is by breeding them with each other. There are two types of breeding that can be done: cross-breeding and line breeding.

First, let’s start with cross-breeding: This is where two different species are bred together to create a new species. Some games have special rules regarding what kinds of species can breed together, such as needing to purchase special breeding licenses or having a specific feature in common. 

Line breeding is where you take the offspring of two other parents (known as “parents” for brevity) and breed them together to continue the same line of offspring generation after generation.

Staking Tokens

In many of these games, you can stake your tokens for the opportunity to win more tokens. For example, with CryptoKitties, you can stake your kitties for a chance to win one of two ether in their weekly “Fancy Cats” competition. The other option is to stake your tokens for the opportunity to win a unique NFT token every 24-hours on their “Daily Crypto Giveaway.”

Trading NFTs

 One of the easiest ways to make money is to buy low and sell high, just like any other market. This works especially well in games where there’s a lot of volatility in the market, or if there’s a particular kitten that you can acquire for cheaper than it’s worth.

Tournaments and Events

There are ways to earn money in games without breaking the terms of service or giving yourself an unfair advantage. The first method is tournament play. Players can join a tournament (or multiple tournaments) and play against each other for rewards, usually in-game currency or items. Tournaments are usually played at scheduled times, so you won’t get random players joining mid-tournament, which is a common complaint for other play styles.

Game events are another popular way to make money from video games. You may find similar events in mobile games and apps like “Pokemon Go” or “Candy Crush Saga” but there are also full PC and console games that have a cash prize for winning their event.


With the rise of streaming, a new opportunity has arisen for video-makers to generate income in games like Cryptokitties, Ethertanks and Cryptobot.

If you’ve got time and skills to stream, there’s some money to be made. Streaming gameplay is a great way to promote yourself and your game while getting paid. There are many platforms which allow you to make money with your computer in front of others’ eyes.

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