Innovative Trends In Casino Apps For 2020

Do you know how artificial technology is improving the overall user experience in online casino games or the importance that the “live casino” modality is having for players on Smartphones? Get to know the innovations in casino apps that we all hope to see in 2020.

Casino apps increase in popularity

We live in a world interconnected by technology. Smart electronic devices and the wide variety of app offerings of all kinds changed our lives.

These technological advances strongly impact the world of online casinos. Experts assure that by the year 2023, the online gaming market will cost 70 billion dollars and this is partly thanks to the growth in mobile applications and innovation that the latter offer.

Innovation and 2020 trends that are breaking it

Because many players are preferring the “mobile” terrain to the “physical” one in terms of casinos, due to the possibility of being able to play their favorite titles anywhere, the industry continues to invest in these digital platforms.

But… what are the most evident innovative trends this year ?:

Cloud gaming technology

Despite the fact that this technology has been in use for several years, it is the one that has helped online casinos gain more users. With cloud services, gamers can enjoy a variety of titles without downloading them. All data is stored on the Internet. This trend is on the rise and is diversifying in different branches of entertainment.

Virtual Reality (VR)

There has been a lot of experimentation with VR, however this year, surprising progress is expected. This makes many casino games more immersive. Many casinos are adding VR mobile titles to their gaming portfolios and users are already enjoying the start of something truly great, especially with 3D card games and slot machines.

More accurate artificial intelligence

The development of AI and machine learning techniques have greatly improved in recent years. Data is now processed faster and in real-time. Big casinos like Karamba have featured developer games in their app that implement machine learning techniques in programming these titles. AI is also used to create engines with recommendations that suggest games based on player behavior and even monitor unusual behavior patterns.

Frequently asked questions

Many players are curious to know how the latest trends and technological advances fit the plane of online casinos. Here are two of the most frequently asked questions:

Are there apps that allow remote play in real casinos?

Exist. It is a modality that is in vogue and is known as “Live Casino”. Users will be able to play these games on their mobile devices through apps that create the atmosphere of being in a real casino, with real dealers. Thanks to technology, this is now a possibility that continues to increase in popularity, and you could easily play online with the biggest casino brand.

Do online casinos adapt to the newest forms of payment?

Fortunately yes, in fact, one of the new trends is the payment with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins and Ethereum. This shows how open the casinos are and their interest in staying on top of the latest. In addition, the “blockchain” registers transactions made with digital currency, which are protected with cryptography, making processes increasingly secure.

The online gaming industry is constantly changing and spreading: It becomes more intuitive, immersive, regulated, and innovative. Advances and trends are driven by technology, apps and gamers continue to help a lot in this process and we believe that they will continue to do so for many more years.

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