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What Are the Top 10 Must Have Android Apps?

There are so many Android Apps in the market. Which is the best and must have in your phone? Today we are going to list down top 10  must have android apps. Because there are some reader asking me to share about most useful android apps. This is the list of my top 10 favorite android app.  Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional photography editing mobile app created by Google. This app is outstanding among other photography editing app on Playstore. It incorporates all the Pro elements that is required to touch-up the photos like HDR healing, white balance, bokeh effect and many more. Besides, you can add some filters and effects.This application even backings Raw images.The app even get an extremely well design UI .With latest updates we would now be able to add nicer font of texts to the pictures.


Kinemaster is most likely the best application for editing video right now on your phone . By using this app actually you can get all the function like what included inside desktop video editing app. This app bring all the desktop feature into the app.


Brave is a Web Browser which is fast, free, secure internet browser for Android.  Although this is a free android app, but you do not need to worry about the pop up ads and ask you to install any extensions. 

     4.Swiftly Switch

Swiftly Switch is an whet app that improves your Android experience. This app brings a shortcut for all recent apps ,favorite apps ,contacts and other shortcuts. It really helps in multitasking, app switching and accessing the notification while using the variegated applications. You can customize this whet as per your preference and moreover add flipside whet to your home screen for widow functionality.

     5.All-In-One ToolBox

As the name implies it has all the tools to manage your memory ,clear your junk files and increasingly likewise you do get other like backup, restore ,file manager, App to SD that is moving apps to sd card. Hence, this app moreover comes with a tuft of variegated widgets to perform variegated tasks with a single tap.

     6.Gboard  – Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

It’s a keyboard app from google .It’s really easy to use google search right from your keyboard expressly while you are on a conversation or writing a long document. Because of this, you can customize your keyboard with variegated themes or images. It have all the emojis and contains gif search engine.It is an superstitious keyboard with both features and functionality. It comes preinstalled if you are using stock android.

         7.Flyso  – Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

This app is perfect for all the social heads out there as it brings variegated social apps to one place .It helps to use facebook,twitter,instagram and plane google in one app only. All you have to do is swipe to use variegated apps at one place . It saves time of switching between variegated apps and is handy.

       8.Fingerprint Gestures

This app help to perform various accents with the fingerprint sensor like accessing recent apps ,notification panel ,media play pause and many more.Some of the wrecking may require root wangle Resources and Information. contains various profiles and set it to wangle only with registered fingerprints.

        9.Navbar  – Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

This is flipside tomfool app that helps you to customize the navigation bar. You can set it to transpiration the verisimilitude equal to the app that you are using or other static verisimilitude or images.

This app does NOT need ROOT access. Use it with any of your devices.

       10.Scanbot – Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

This is one of the weightier app for scanning documents from your phone.It scrutinizingly works like a real-life scanner and comes with some unconfined tools as well .Simply point your phone to the document you understand and it automatically detects the document type,page size and text on it.It’s coolest full-length is you can moreover reprinting the recognized text from the document which works pretty well-judged.

Please comment below and share yours!


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