The 3 Biggest Entertainment Trends Of 2021

The best thing about having a bad year is that it can only get better! After 2020, you should look forward to a new year filled with all the promise that fresh opportunities hold, and get excited about the latest trends that are currently shaping up.

Yes, everybody anticipates 2021 to be a big year of altered perceptions, new trends, and exciting entertainment to explore. It doesn’t matter that we have to do it differently. It can still be loads of fun if we let it. According to the experts at https://kaszinok.online/ online gamers in Hungary have a lot to look forward to in the new year.

Peter Deli, our author here, takes a look at trends that’ll rock our world in 2021. He specializes in all things that entertain online, from iGaming and online gambling to all global entertainment industry trends.

Let’s dive right in and look at three trends in the entertainment industry for 2021.

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Online Gambling Trends

VR Hits Every Home

Entertainment in 2020-21 took on a brand new face much faster than anticipated. Even though it was the worst year for land-based retail, e-commerce leapt into the future with millions of people stuck at home and nowhere else to buy. Online gambling in Hungary also grew substantially.

Players were still contemplating whether they could afford a VR headset when the madness of a global pandemic sent most people to online stores to grab up the latest tech. Virtual reality has been around for several years, and more online casino games hit the Internet daily with VR features for an immersive gameplay experience.

You can now sit on your couch in your pyjamas, while in VR you’re playing roulette at the Las Vegas Casino Corvin sétány, Budapest, in a glamorously tailored tuxedo. VR transforms your immediate surroundings into an entirely different setting and does so in real-time using highly advanced live streaming camera technology. You can join actual players at a table for your favourite game just by slipping on a headset.

AR Catches Up

As much as virtual reality has evolved, augmented reality (AR) has hit the scene in the online gambling industry running. AR takes advantage of your immediate surroundings and adds gamification features to it. Let’s say you’re playing your favourite slot. You could be sitting in the garden, and the reels on the machine could be spinning in the trees in front of you. Augmented reality combines game elements with your actual surroundings to create a unique experience every time.

Entertainment in 2021

Group Gatherings Go Online

With rapidly developing social networking apps available on every mobile device, tablet, and PC, it’s easy to adhere to social distancing measures. Whether we were indeed ready for this massive change or not, we had to accept it and adapt.

Now that you know how easy it is to stay connected to your loved ones online, will you go back to travelling hundreds of miles for family get-togethers? If 2020 taught the world anything, it’s that we’re living at the height of convenience. Society is more connected than ever before.

Instead of 500 people crowding in for a music festival, you can live stream the event with all the other spectators via Zoom without missing any of the excitement. The added advantage to this is that you’re safely tucked away at home while still having all the same fun. If you have a big-screen TV or projector, you can transform your living room into a concert hall in real-time.

Imagine huge awards ceremonies. There’s no need for the masses to gather into an auditorium anymore. It can all take place using the best of VR technology while adhering to safety protocols, keeping everybody healthy and safe.

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Nobody wants to hear about Covid-19 and the lockdown anymore. But, the reality is that the virus shifted the way you conduct business and entertain yourself, and the ramifications could be long term. Why would you go back to spending unnecessary money on travelling when you can have it all conveniently at home?

It can be fun to invite the world into your living room. At the moment, it’s not even an option as much as it is the new normal. It’ll be exciting to see where entertainment trends follow through with this in 2021.

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