The 7 Best and Free Games You Can Play On Your Android Smartphone

You often find yourself in public or private bored, having absolutely nothing to do. In dull periods, even scrolling through social media often seems aimless. Thankfully, many games are available on the android smartphone for download. A lot of the games are so interesting that you might have to get dragged for you to stop playing.

If you are bored and interested in finding games on your android smartphone, the following are seven free games.

Candy Crush

If you have yet to play or hear of the game candy crush, you are missing out on a lot of fun. There is no game as addicting and fun as the android game Candy crush. Imagine a game where you have to match candies until all matches are gone, and then the matching circle repeats.

The game candy crush will undoubtedly test your intelligence and patience whether you are a child or an adult. For each level of candy crush, things become even more difficult. The candy crush game is perfect if you are a fan of games that test your skills.


If you have ever thought about being in absolute control of something, then the simulated game, Choices is suitable for you. A game that gives you the right to control a character of your choice is a dream come true for many. For book lovers, Choices is a glimpse into getting your achievable goal to ending a story.

Choices is a simulated game that allows players to choose characters from stories to play as and decide their life by making decisions for them. Dare to chase the life you have dreamt of through characters in an account with Choices. Be warned, though, once you start playing, you might be unable to stop.

Temple Run

Have you tried running for no reason? You would agree that it is exhilarating. Imagine doing the same thing but through your phone. Many would think that playing a game where you run on the phone would be boring, but the makers of the game Temple Run have proven that to be untrue.

The game Temple Run features a character running around a temple while jumping hurdles and trying to gain coins. Getting your exercise done has never been more manageable because I promise you will be running and jumping the hurdles alongside your game character, whether you want to.

If you are still getting ready for the pressure, it will take trying to jump fires and nails, and you should probably not get the temple run game. One thing is for sure, though, once you begin, there is no going back.

Casino Games

Over the past century, casinos have become one of the world’s most lucrative and widely attended entertainment hubs. People from all over the world assemble in casinos with the expectation of winning a return on their investments.

If you are a casino fan, you may be interested to learn you can play casino games on your phone. You can think of games such as Casino Frenzy, much like a classic casino game. It has slot machines and video poker available for your entertainment. Casino Frenzy makes an effort to maintain player interest by updating its library of slot machines and video poker options regularly. It also has hourly promotions where players may earn free chips.

Game-wise, it doesn’t matter what your preference is; you can play a wide variety of online casino games. You can play live with free spins and enjoy the games available through sites such as PlayLive. Play the way that suits you.

Criminal Case

A criminal case is probably the best way to keep the fire burning if you have ever wanted to be a detective. A game about finding objects hidden in a room: the game Criminal Case is sure to test your observation skill to the very core. If it is hidden and you can find it, a criminal case is a game for you.

Test your murder-solving skills with a criminal case. Another great thing about a criminal case is the player’s ability to share their murder-solving skills with friends and dare them to do better. The criminal case is a game you won’t want to stop playing.

The SIMS Mobile

Imagine being able to simulate your life on your phone. The SIMS allows players to create a version of themselves and the kind of life they want to live. Life is complicated and complex on its own, and games like SIMS allow you to get out of that complexity into the simplicity and ease of your made-up world.

With SIMS Mobile, you can have the kind of house you want, clothes, and personality you dreamed of having. The SIMS Mobile game is the dream of life come through for many players. The best part of the game is being able to switch and change decisions you made with no repercussions.


Everyone in the gaming industry has heard of or played the game Roblox, which is famous for a good reason. Despite being somewhat ancient-like, Roblox has captured the heart of a lot because it is available across other gaming platforms. Roblox is a sandbox game with a virtual universe that allows players to create and play games with other users.

The most outstanding aspect of Roblox is the fact that so many things are available in the game, making it impossible to run out of things to do. You might want to stay clear of Roblox if you don’t want to get sucked into the never-ending world of things to do.


Finding a free game that you can play on your android smartphone is the most straightforward task you can ever do. The difficulty arises in selecting one or keeping from getting addicted to playing one. When it comes to mobile phone games, you must set limits and boundaries for yourself to avoid getting addicted.

Thankfully, you can choose one game to play. Since mobile games are free, you can play as many as you fancy and then select based on your preference. The free android games listed above are a great way to learn your game preferences.

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