The three most fun slots games out there

One of the best things about using android is its flexibility. There are so many different apps out there that are fun to use, so many ways to modify your phone and so many themes and launchers that allow you to put your stamp and personality on your device.

There are just so many amazing applications nowadays and recent years have been a goldmines for android apps that have made our phones more interesting, fun and useful. This is becoming a theme within mobile slots games, there are a huge amount of variants, themes and types of slots games to play for people of all tastes and levels of experience.

It can be hard to know where to start though which such variety both in types of games as well as providers of those games. In terms of the providers make sure to check out this list of all the awesome places to play.

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Using the list will save you a great deal of time installing and uninstalling terrible apps that you thought would be fun but ended up being a waste of time and effort. With the variety of games, I have played so many that I thought it would be good to share my knowledge and present you with three of the best slots games that you can play on your mobile.

1. 616 Digital:

Often the first couple of times you play slots you lose a great deal because you are still learning and have very little idea of what to do. 616 and their digital slots app allows you to learn and develop as it has a great deal of freemium games you can try for free before starting to spend your hard earned cash on trying to win.

The reviews of it are also generally pretty positive and it rarely suffers from any bugs or crashes which should ensure you don’t lose any of your money. They have a huge variety of games and apps for different moods and styles.

2. HUUUGE Games

If you can get past the stupid and over the top name then HUUUGE games is a great place to play not only slots but all casino games. As the name suggests, they have a very big assortment and variety meaning you never have to play with the same theme for a very long time and can try a new game if you want to try your luck with something else. It is also free to download but has a range of options for in-app purchases.

3. Rocket Speed

One of Rocket Speed’s biggest selling points is the fact that it works well offline with many of its games not requiring an internet connection. This means you can play and have fun on the go without having to worry about drops in connection losing you your progress and your scores.

The three most fun slots games out there

It also has a great range of games and manages to sell each one to you with great and clear descriptions. As with 616 they also have a number of games that are free if you want to practice and get in the groove before starting for real.

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