What Are the Different Types of Linear Actuators?

Before describing the types of linear actuators, let’s analyze the initial purpose of an actuator itself. In simple terms, an actuator is a special motor applied to control and adjust a system or mechanism. Its purpose is to operate the beginning and finishing of a motion. It changes the object’s position in the required way.

There are two general types of actuators: the large ones that have been offered for manufacturing, production, and marine zones to interact with diverse machines, and considerably smaller actuators of 12-volt DC typically used for domestic automation. Our home devices go well with DC electric actuators that are managed with the help of small computers working in two ways automatically or by hand.

For example, you can add your TV screen with additional smart features using a motorized tv mount lift that allows your up-to-date LED screen to go down from the ceiling and the opposite way to hide it when nobody is going to watch it.

In case you are planning to enhance your home technical area by improving its functionality, then, without any doubt, linear actuators are the best solution. You will feel both a new level of comfort and extra free time as you will not deal with the constant regular tasks you did before.

The most demanded types of linear actuators

Linear actuators manufacturers impress with their huge product mix in today’s market. An expert opinion concerning the choice you need is essential for every customer because there are diverse models with, for example, high speed, small size, or for industrial purposes. We should understand that each variant has certain capabilities that can match absolutely different appliances and devices.

Let’s have a look at the current list of linear actuators:

  • Micro Actuators
  • Mini Actuators
  • Standard Actuators
  • Industrial Actuators
  • Tubular Actuators
  • Track Actuators

To learn the key qualities of these types, there is a short description below about each of them.

Micro actuators

This model has been designed for projects with considerably poor spacing. Still, this very actuator type is extremely popular in the market due to its variety and applicability. These unique microelements perform exact control in the process of use. Micro actuators have been widely applied for the manufacture and use of robots and the motor-vehicle industry.

Mini actuators

Apparent features of these actuators are their tightness and great adaptability to a wide range of applications they are produced for. So they can serve different purposes and become a priority selection. Regardless of their size, they have a fantastic force range of 35 lbs – 450 lbs depending on the model type. Concerning the stroke lengths, you can also find different variants starting from 1 and up to 40. Certain designs of mini actuators, for instance, PA-10 is fully hydrostable. 

Standard actuators

If you are looking for an actuator that will cover your multi-purpose project, the following actuators are the best solution. They are considerably different, of a compact form and stable performance. Standard actuators are capable of being resistant to harsh conditions while being used. Moreover, they will definitely outweigh the costs.

Linear actuators for industrial spaces

They are created to be used with heavy-duty equipment that requires incredibly high force. These actuators can have a capacity that is more than 3 000 lbs. Solar tracking can serve as a vivid example of the application of the industrial actuators.

Tubular linear actuators

This type of motor has a unique design and such major quality as slimness. It can ideally suit many applications and devices with tight spaces. Besides, some tubular actuators include adjustable stroke lengths reaching up to 180 lbs. If you are looking for a certain actuator that you would like to use for the project with scarce mounting distance, this very variant is an excellent solution to meet your needs. Moreover, these motors can withstand different environmental elements including water, dust, and other severe surroundings.

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