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Xiaomi Official Store GearBest Xiaomi, a brand that has built a superb reputation in mobile market its own. They have successfully manged to bring high-end mobile technology at affordable price tag. They offers very attractive portfolio that covers most of electronic devices including smart phones, notebooks, smart watches, accessories, and much more. We’ve got a good news for our readers, and all who love Xiaomi devices. GearBest has come up with a Xiaomi Official Store, that features products under different discounted deals.

The section is divided into three sections: Limited Deals, Hot Sale, and Flagship Deals. In each section, you get a list of items being sold at discounted prices for limited stock, and time. All three sections cover specific items, so you can easily get to know where you can get what you’re looking. The Limited Deals section covers their popular smartphones such as XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Pro 5.5 inch 4G Phablet, Xiaomi Redmi 3S 4G Smartphone, and few order. The list changes as soon as these deals run out.

The second section, the Hot Sale includes Xiaomi’s official accessories categorized in multiple section. The best-selling products are Original Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition In-ear Earphones with Mic , Original Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light ( Enhanced Edition ) ,  Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor – SMART HUMAN BODY SENSOR  WHITE and Original XiaoMi Bluetooth V4.0 Mi Smart Weight Scale by 4 x AA Battery.

The last section, Flagship Deals, as the name suggests this section covers best-selling smartphones, and accessories such as XiaoMi Mi4 64GB 3G Smartphone, Original XiaoMi Mi Pad 64GB ROM, Original Xiaomi Roidmi 2S Bluetooth Car Charger, and many more. Also this section covers Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband, which is one of most popular Smart Wristbands in current time.

We are coming to end of this year, we can expect more deals from Xiaomi, and other brands. In a very short span of time, Xiaomi has gained a lot users all around the world. More, and more smartphones users are switching to Xiaomi, and there are several reasons too. Especially, their interface is quite furnished, beautiful, and easy to use as well. Also, from rumors, it is expected that soon new updates (Android 7.0) will be rolled out for many Xiaomi smartphones.

 Mi 5 smartphone on sale

XiaoMi Mi5 32GB 4G Smartphone

Apart, we found that latest handset in their Mi line up,  the Mi5 32 GB variant is being featured at $317.95. The handset sports 3 GB RAM, Quad core process, 16 Mega Pixel camera, comes with C-Type USB port with quick charge support, and much more. The specification, and performance are quite close to almost all current’s flash ship killer. You get this handset from GearBest here.

Since, most of the items are time bounded and limited to stock,  as soon as they run out, new entities will be added. So, in this sale, you expect your ideal to be featured as well. We hope our readers would get their ideal device in this sale. Stay connected for more deals, and upcoming sale.

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