ZeBand BLE 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband pre-bookings are open on GearBest

ZeBand BLE 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband Pre-bookings GearBest has featured Zeblaze ZeBand BLE 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband for pre-bookings, and the booking lasts till 23 Oct 2016. A quite light-weight, the ZeBand BLE 4.0 is an intelligent Smart Wristband that measures the heartbeats to improve health state and keep track of it. Nowadays, due to busy schedule, it’s very annoying that we cannot focus on our help simply. We need a person who could track our health and helps us to improve it. The ZeBand BLE 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband does the very same things.

These days, most of the companies are embedding Heart Rate Monitor in their wristband. Basically, these bands/watches use optical sensors to detect the rate of blood running through veins. Even throdaiugh, still chest straps provide accurate results, these wristbands are good enough to improve existing training and daily-health routine. The Zeblaze ZeBand Smart Wristband boasts many useful features apart from being a heart-rate monitor.

ZeBand Smart wristband comes with a swimming mode that helps to measure the swimming state and heartbeat even if you’re swimming. Equipped with IP67 waterproof property, it is completely waterproof, and can help you to manage your swimming more appropriately.

The wristband quite stylish and comes very handy when it comes to wearing it. Build with Aluminium body and rubber straps, overall it looks quite acceptable. The dial is about 1.69 x 0.63 x 0.39 inches is featured with a 0.94 inch OLED screen with 160 x 65 pixel resolution, fair enough to display results and records in intuitive way. In terms of battery life, it is long runner. It is backed with 90mAh battery that lasts up to 15 days once charged fully (takes about 90 mins).

ZeBand BLE 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband features

Main Features

  • Heart rate monitor – For most accurate results, you should rather go for chest straps instead of smart wristbands. The ZeBand Smart wristband is able to provide quite accurate results and could help you to track your health and improve it. Whether you’re sitting somewhere or running over the beaches, it tracks your heartbeats.
  • Smart tracking – It can also your sleep time, awake, light sleep and deep sleep. You’ll have a good idea about your sleeps and where you’re lacking or oversleeping.
  • Swimming mode – Equipped with IP67 waterproof property, you can use it even when you’re swimming. It calculates your swimming states and helps to do in the most appropriate way.
  • Push Notification – You can connect it your Android/iOS phone while using it to get most of the notifications such as messages, calls, social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.,), etc., over it. You do not need to pull out your phone every time.
  • Battery life – Built-in 90mAh lithium polymer battery, it can stay up for 15 days once it charged completely.
    Price and how to buy?

This smart wristband is available for pre-booking at $25.99 over the →GearBest. As soon as the sale gets end, all the placed orders will be shipped to their buyers. The package contains on smart wristband, a charger, and a Chines/English manual to operate this device.

The wristband is available in different colors including Black, Blue, Purple and Green. The ZeBand Smart wristband is built to keep your health good and style in the best manner at fairly low price.

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