ClubKit — an efficient app for B2B promotion

If you need to promote the B2B marketplace, you should not underrate the power of mobile apps. The main goal is to get the proposition in front of the right audience of potential buyers at the right time and place. Build business space with a mobile app — ClubKit.

ClubKit aims to connect your company with the audience to help you establish a fruitful collaboration. Anyone can create a space using the app’s function and convenient graphic instruments. Download ClubKit to test it for your business and ideas.

The concept of ClubKit: realise B2B services with one app

ClubKit is a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Users can create spaces and promote their services and products to their followers.

Business space owners may place galleries with products or services on created spaces, write catchy descriptions, place videos and communicate with customers. ClubKit also provides users with news feeds. Therefore, businesses can announce brand news and events.

There are graphic tools available for ClubKit business users: widgets and templates. Administrators of spaces can freely combine separate blocks of text, headers, section dividers, lists and media content. Creators can add delivery information, map with physical addresses, etc. Templates, for their part, can be used as completed business pages that already have all the aforementioned graphic elements. Companies select a corresponding template depending on the business sector (Entertainment, E-commerce, Retail, Hospitality, etc.). 

Whatever your kind of business space is, the customers will access your space only by invitation. You may share a link to your business space on your website, thematic forum or social media page. You can also place QR codes in available resources.

In such a way, you collaborate only with like-minded customers, sharing services, products, and, more importantly, values. Represent your company via ClubKit widgets and communication instruments: news feed, comments, and chat.

Some cases of how B2B works within ClubKit

Let us consider examples to illustrate the mechanism in more detail. For instance, bakeries can invite owners of cafés and restaurants to their business pages with catalogues of custom products and supplement services.

Another way business users can establish collaboration within ClubKit is to provide services for bloggers and influencers. The app is also embedded with a news feed where you can inform followed clients about special offers and sales and organise meetings with your business partners.

Roles in ClubKit and subscription options

The app is free for users who come to ClubKit as a customer. Customers don’t have full access to any space without an invitation link or code. 

Currently, ClubKit has three subscription options for Business — Starter, Basic and Plus. The Starter is free, and users can create one business space with a small set of widgets, add one article and two merchandise items. That is a viable solution for brands that provide custom solutions on request or for young entrepreneurs.

Basic will take you $4.99 per month and provide wider solutions. For instance, the business creates one space and adds 25 items (products or services). A user can add up to 10 events and up to 10 articles. The Plus costs $7.99. Business users who purchased this subscription will be able to create 2 spaces per profile, use the full set of widgets and ready-made templates. The Plus is the solution for those who are ready to provide customers with a list of goods or services. There are available 200 merchandise items, 20 articles and 20 events per space in the Plus. Paid subscriptions are available for 7 days for free.

Main reasons to try ClubKit 

  1. Get 7 days to experience any subscription plan.
  2. You gain an additional marketing channel on which you promote your goods and services to other businesses and agree upon terms of purchasing.
  3. You shape your community by yourself.
  4. The private data is under robust safety protocols and a double encryption level provided by the PNN Soft team. 
  5. The app has 10 localizations and is available in numerous markets.

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