Find Out Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Server Hosting

You launched your business website some time ago, and you probably chose shared hosting like many others who have just started an online or small business. Then, you were on a budget, and a shared service is the best option to save money. Your website is growing now and it is time that you upgrade it. Why does your business need dedicated server hosting? Do you anticipate your business to grow in the near future? Your website is performing well, and you have to deal with an increase in traffic.

You may have to upgrade to a single-tenant server from a shared server for greater performance, security, reliability, and scalability, for solutions, you can visit We will first learn what dedicated server hosting is before explaining its benefits.

What is dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server allows your website to have a physical server for itself. With dedicated hosting, a business enterprise has complete control over the server and can optimize it for its requirement. The web hosting company offers high-performance servers and an environment, technical support, and associated services. It is also called managed server hosting that powers your heavy traffic website with increased flexibility and resources.

With this hosting service, you can also opt for an unmanaged server option and have a customizable server to suit your purpose.

How can dedicated hosting help your fast-growing website?

With sufficient system resources, useful features, and remarkable controls, dedicated server hosting is the best web hosting plan for businesses that want to manage the most intensive workloads depending on their requirements. If you are thinking about shifting to a dedicated hosting plan, here are some reasons why you need it.

1. You want to cope with the increasing traffic on your website

If your website is growing with more and more people visiting the site, you will have to choose a suitable dedicated hosting plan. With shared hosting, the performance of your website will get affected when traffic to your website spikes. Without a proper resolution, sudden traffic spikes can reduce your website’s visibility, which will result in a loss of revenue due to higher bounce rates.

You need to have your website put in up good performance and therefore upgrade your hosting plan before any problem arises.

2. You don’t want to take any chances with security

With dedicated hosting, security is guaranteed. If your website receives sensitive customer information, like credit or debit card details, login credentials, and confidential emails or documents, they should be protected from viruses through advanced security measures. A dedicated server helps you to have complete control over your online store’s or website’s security.

Most managed server plans offer Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) protection. Other than this, you can optimize the features depending on your website’s specific requirements. Thus, data integrity, prevention of data loss, and backup storage are the other features offered while taking care of security. 

3. You want high scalability

Any business wants to grow by having more customers, sales, and profit. You can say your business website is growing if it receives a large number of visitors, expands its customer base, and increases its sales and revenue. A dedicated web hosting service can help you handle frequent traffic spikes through much scalability. It offers enough flexibility to adapt to your website’s demand for more storage space, processing power, and bandwidth.

The server technology helps you shift from a smaller to a bigger dedicated server and vice versa without any reconfiguration of applications.

In conclusion, you can manage the increase in traffic to your website by investing in a dedicated server plan with a reliable provider. They offer different services like managed, self-managed, and managed pro to suit your website needs.

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