How can a student prepare for exams quickly and without problems?

Exam preparation can be one of the most daunting experiences, especially when you don’t organize yourself well. It is even more stressful when preparing for an upcoming essay exam, yet you haven’t revised enough.

However, staying calm, relaxed, and will help you prepare for all kinds or exams and tests, even if you feel you aren’t ready for the task ahead of you.

As a student, you can always focus on a set of exam preparation approaches that will give you a better, quicker, and easier exam preparation experience. You only need to consider the advice and tips highlighted in this guide.

Tips for preparing for exams quickly and without problems

The following are some of the critical tips to help you quickly prepare for an exam with ease:

Organize your study space

Organized study space will limit your time to deal with obstacles when revising for exams. A good study space allows you to spread your reading materials, such as notes and textbooks. You must remove all elements and obstacles that may distract you in the study room. Ensure the study space is comfortable enough by ensuring complete silence or doing what you love when studying, such as listening to music.

Use sketches, flowcharts, and diagrams.

More often, ideological visual representations stick to the brain quite faster. Therefore, there is a need to use diagrams and flowcharts to express various concepts while preparing for examinations. It is crucial to jot down key points and areas you already know about the topic. Transforming your keynotes into diagrammatic representations and other visual impressions will help you to have a thorough grasp of complex concepts tested in exams.

Revisit old exams or topical essays.

Old exams are just a reflection of whatever will be tested in a future exam. Apart from old exam papers, you can always check for previous softcopies of papers online. Such resources include essays. You can practice them and even allow them to help you develop new learning ideas. Resources with previous exam tests will help you understand the trend and format in which exams are set. Thus, you will be ready to read areas likely to be tested.  

Try a question-answer explanation with a friend.

Sharing what you understand about a given answer to a specific question is a crucial idea for understanding and grasping concepts quickly. Explaining your reasoning for answering particular questions gives room for digging deep, understanding, and mastering the context and content involved in the question. Therefore, it gives you an upper hand when writing your exams.

Form study groups 

Depending on your preferred friends, you can plan for a study or revision group. With revision groups, you will be able to easily and quickly find solutions to answers. Revising for exams alone can, at times, bring challenges as you are likely to face difficulties getting answers to specific questions. It is essential to ensure that your group mates are focused, serious, and ready to prepare for the exam. 

Create some short breaks. 

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy, so they say. Breaking free from a monotonous and continuous schedule will, at some point, free up your mind. Therefore, when revising for your forthcoming exams, creating some short breaks is necessary. Continually develop a routine that fits your schedule and avoid reading for long hours, which may hinder long-term knowledge retention.

Have some healthy snacks

Some foods are essential for brain health. In between the short breaks, consider eating some healthy snacks. Such meals will help keep your brain fresh and fit and will improve your concentration span and memory.

Drink enough water 

During preparation, you must drink clean water to remain hydrated through the examination period. You can drink water even during the exams to improve your overall positive mood.


Exam preparation is easy with a proper plan. Always stick to the above tips to enjoy your study period as you quickly prepare for your approaching exams. 

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