How Can You Monetize Your Sports App?

Today we can observe the active adoption of digital solutions within the sports and fitness industry. Various types of mobile apps have already become a standard for many sports activities and the demand for such products is growing. As a result, it is absolutely not surprising that the number of startups and companies that want to offer such apps and make money on them is increasing as well. If you are also considering launching such a solution and wondering whether it can be viewed as a new source of revenue for your business, we recommend you read this article where we would like to explain the common ways that you can also apply if you want to monetize your sports mobile applications.

In recent years, monthly downloads of the most popular fitness and sports apps can reach up to 3 million which means that your sports app can potentially gain a huge audience if you find the right approach to address users’ demands.

Types of sports apps

Today there is a great variety of sports apps that are available to users. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that there is no space for newcomers. If you find a good and highly professional sports app company, its team will be able to transform even the most ambitious ideas into real products that will help you to make money. The way of earning money on mobile applications greatly depends on the exact type of app that you will have.

And first of all, you need to have a clear understanding of what kind of sports software solution you want to launch. Below you can find a list of the most popular types of apps.

  • Sports news monitoring apps
  • Video streaming platforms
  • Team management apps
  • Sports betting applications
  • eSports games
  • Ticket selling apps
  • Facilities booking applications
  • Sports facilities and equipment management apps
  • Sports club apps
  • Workout and fitness apps
  • Fantasy sports solutions

It is impossible to provide any recommendations on the best type of apps to work on. A lot of them have equally high chances to succeed and to bring profits if they demonstrate excellent performance, are highly reliable, and can help users to solve all the set tasks.

But as we’ve already noted, the earning models will differ.

For example, when you launch a ticket-selling app, you can charge a service fee and get a percentage from each sale (or have a fixed fee on each transaction). When you have an app for a closed sports club, it is possible to get payments for downloads/installations.  But you always should be very careful with this method. A download fee may prevent a lot of users from installing your app as not everyone is ready to pay for a fully unknown product. If you see this way as the most feasible one for your businesses, at least a free trial period will be a good idea.

Nevertheless, there are also some approaches that can be viewed as universal ones and can be suitable practically in all cases. However, before introducing any of them, it will be a good idea to deeply analyze your individual case in order to make sure that your monetization method won’t become a barrier for your app on its way to popularity.

Monetization methods

One of the simplest and probably the most obvious ways to make money on a mobile app is to establish cooperation with advertisers (for example, sports brands or stores that offer sports products). Though this option really looks very attractive, you should be careful while introducing ads. You should make them not very annoying, otherwise, the user experience can be seriously spoiled.

If you launch an eSports game, you can encourage users to make various in-app purchases, for example, they can buy additional skills for their characters or participate in premium matches (but in this case, do not forget that winners should be able to get real rewards).

Another popular way to earn money is to offer users the possibility to pay for special features. For example, among the features of this kind,  you can offer advanced analytics, early access to event tickets, or even ad-free options. Here, everything depends on your imagination and the exact functionality of your solution. 

Nevertheless, if your app presupposes any payments and financial transactions, do not forget to think about their security and users’ sensitive data protection.

Instead of a closing word

As you can see, there are quite a lot of opportunities to get money when you launch a sports app. The main point here is to make sure that the offered paid opportunities correspond to the exact type of solution that you have and that it will be absolutely sensible for users to pay for the features or items that are presented as paid ones. Otherwise, the chances to make good money on your app will not be very high.

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