How to Increase the Speed of the Internet: A Step-by-step Guide

Not always the speed of home Internet depends on the selected tariff or provider. Probably it’s all about channel congestion or incorrect operation of the router. How to gamble at Hellspin or enjoy Netflix with no distractions? Here’s how to increase your Internet speed.

Check the Internet Speed

This can be done through special sites: Speedtest and 2ip. With their help, you can find out the incoming and outgoing speed of your Internet. Choose any service.

If the speeds are lower than those set by your ISP, move on.

Check Your Internet for Congestion

Your Wi-Fi may be connected to a congested Internet channel. As a rule, routers connect to the least congested channels, but it’s better to check them yourself and find the one that’s freer.

Interference can occur if neighboring routers operate on identical frequencies.

Wi-Fi network analysis apps will show you how congested your network is:

  • On Android, WiFi Analyzer. Download the app and open the “Evaluate Data” section. Among the channels, find the ones with more stars because they are the least congested.
  • On Windows 8, 10 and 11, WiFi Analyzer. When you go to Analyze, the program will automatically suggest free channels.
  • On macOS, there is a built-in channel checker. Open the “Wireless Diagnostics” program, find the “Window” and then click “Scan”. In the window that opens, confirm the operation and the system itself will show the optimal channels in the network.
  • There are no corresponding programs on iOS. Having found a suitable channel, go to the router settings and replace the old one with the new one. When you connect to a free channel, your Internet speed will increase.

Disconnect Unnecessary Devices

Sometimes you have gadgets connected to your home network that you don’t use. Disconnecting them will relieve your network of unnecessary load. A list of connected devices can be found in your Wi-Fi router’s settings.

Your network can also be used by third-party devices, such as your neighbor’s. Manually locate and disconnect these unknown devices. To avoid such situations, you should set a strong password. 

Move Your Wi-Fi Router

This method is suitable for owners of large apartments or their homes. The signal strength can be affected by the thickness of the walls, so install the router as close as possible to the connected devices. Don’t place the router near mirrors, as they reflect the signal: this makes the Internet work slower.

Also, do not place it near electronic devices such as refrigerators or computers: the signal will also be weaker due to radio noise and interference.

The ideal place for a router is in a hallway or corridor.

Change Your Router

If none of the above methods helped, it means that your device has reached the end of its service life. Outdated routers may not be able to handle the network load and may have interference with the signal.

Today’s router models are equipped with the latest standard, so they transmit the signal perfectly.


Check the speed of your home Internet connection regularly so that you always have a stable connection for watching your favorite videos, chatting in messengers or diving into the world of online games.

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