How to pinpoint the best slots for your personal preference

By Charles Perrin

Slots are wide-ranging and they come in all shapes and sizes, whether they be of the 3-reel, 5-reel, or even 6-reel style variety. Naturally, there will be hidden treasures or untapped gems waiting to be explored, so the onus is on you to do some digging around before gravitating towards one.

If you are new to the world of slots, then help is at hand. We have dissected the core factors you need to take into consideration before finding the perfect slot titles, so stick with us to find out more.

Software developers

Perhaps the first port of call should be to sift through the collection of games at any given online casino site and see who designed them. More specifically, you should make note of the software developers behind the titles which should give you a clue as to what to expect when you engage with them.

There are a plethora of top igaming operators in the industry, including Pragmatic Play and NetEnt, and with the former, there are some titles that aren’t as well trumpeted as other games, such as Big Bass Amazon Xtreme.

Anyway, the finest slot developers will have a proven track record of delivering an eclectic mix of themed games that are imbued with state-of-the-art graphics, sound effects, and bonus features to keep you engrossed. We will touch upon the bonus features in the following section.

Bonus features offered

Once you’ve drilled down the games by theme, you will need to ascertain the core features of the slot. Are there bonuses or free spins to engage with? Some slots will be laden with wilds or even bonus rounds which will be replete with win multipliers or cascading reels that will help you pocket more money.

The more sophisticated slots will be stacked with bonus features to make gameplay more vibrant and enriching. Some players may prefer the fast and furious pace of slots, and the bonus features can be a deal breaker.

Of course, if you are more of a traditionalist, you may wish to stick to a classic slot that has less fancy features. Whatever your motive, the bonuses aren’t something that should be overlooked when looking for a slot to side with.

RTP rates and volatility

Another criterion that should be applied when searching for the best real money slots is to ascertain the RTP (Return to Player). This will be represented as a percentage to display how much players can receive over time. So, for every $1 wagered, a slot with an RTP of 95%, for example, means you can expect to receive $0.95 in return.

Closely intersected with the RTP is the slot’s volatility. A game with high volatility is likely to pay out large amounts, although regular big wins will be scarce. This is where you need to factor in your budget. If you have a smaller bankroll, then you ought to lean towards slots that are lower in volatility, so you can cushion the blows better should you incur losses.

Usually, most slots will have a full game description detailing RTPs, but we recommend trying a game out in demo mode first to get the hang of it.

Reading reviews

As part of your hunt for locating the best slots, it can never harm to read reviews and gauge what fellow slots enthusiasts feel about certain games. It can be easy to be swayed by glowing testimonials, nevertheless, reviews are designed to emphasize the respective strengths and weaknesses of any given site.

There are a plethora of top online casinos that will pack a punch when it comes to slots. Reading a Drip Casino review, for example, will show how slots dominate the gaming catalog of this operator. Those who are interested in signing up will be able to track top-notch slots that will sustain their interest in the long term.

If you want to put yourself in the picture, then flicking through reviews will put you in a better position to locate your preferred slots.


Choosing the best slots to play need not be a laborious task. If you are meticulous with your research, then the top titles should automatically scream out at you.

Above all else, if you can apply the tips we have covered in this guide, then things should be eminently easier and you will be playing your favorite slots in no time.

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