How You Can Use SEO To Help Generate Leads

Search Engine Optimization and lead generation are two distinct areas of marketing, but they are best pursued together. Lead generation is the practice of cultivating interest in your business that is likely to lead to a sale. The ‘lead’ is an in – a reason why people might go down the path that eventually leads to them making a purchase of goods or services. Search Engine Optimization is a broad field that includes all practices related to improving your website’s search engine performance.

A huge quantity of online traffic flows through search engines like Google. When a customer is looking for products and services, it is very likely that their first port of call will be a search engine. Lead generation and Search Engine Optimization are perfect bedfellows. Good SEO typically produces more leads by attracting natural traffic. Here are some of the ways in which you can use SEO to boost your lead generation efforts.

Get Blogging

When looking to use SEO to generate leads, one of the best things you can do is to start a regular Search Engine Optimized blog. Use your blog to publish relevant, interesting and (most importantly) optimized content that links to your selling pages. As with all SEO and lead generation practices, getting an optimized blog right takes research. Find out what potential customers need in terms of information and entertainment. Plan your regular blog around these needs. Write good quality copy to a tight schedule. The more regularly you post, the more likely that search engine algorithms will pick up on it. Use keywords and multimedia in your blog posts and always ensure that they link back to your selling page.

Increase Website Speed

Search engines like Google don’t just look at keywords and content when algorithmically ‘making decisions’ about ranking. Instead, they look at a whole range of factors. One of the factors that is most commonly overlooked is website speed. Search engines bump slow websites down the list because they offer a poor user experience. Simplify and clean up your website in order to make it faster – you’ll soon find that your search engine ranking goes up and your leads will increase in frequency.

Consider Mobile Browsers

Over half of the world’s mobile traffic is mobile. Smart mobile devices with internet connectivity are now nearly ubiquitous. Search engines take this fact into account by rewarding sites with good mobile compatibility. Sites that are fully scalable for mobile browsing rank highly. Don’t forget to make your website easy to browse from any device.

Go Local

If your retail or service-oriented business serves a local area specifically, you should target your SEO efforts locally. Local Lead Generation is one of the most promising emerging practices in the field. By tailoring your Search Engine Optimization efforts to the local area, you are more likely to turn website visitors into genuine leads. As with all marketing, successful local SEO relies on good quality market research and data analysis.

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