Is it possible? Can You Learn French and Spanish at the Same Time?

If you want to learn two languages like French and Spanish at the same time, you can do it. There are thousands of polyglots who have done the same thing already. But, the journey will be laborious indeed. 

In the case of learning two languages together, you must have complete dedication, achievable goals, helpful resources, and time for practicing.

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Reasons to study two languages at the same time:

Learning two languages simultaneously has some advantages like the followings:

1. It strengthens your brain:

Our brain is similar to a muscle. So, you can train it and make it stronger. Many studies have proven that learning a new language is good for our brain functions. In the case of learning two languages at once, the impact will be doubled. Your focus and analytical skill will increase dramatically.

2. It saves time:

Learning a new language takes about six months on average. Unfortunately, people have less time to spend learning two languages separately. But, if you combine them, you can save a huge amount of time. Many learners claim that learning two languages together has saved their time more than learning one.

3. You can better understand both languages:

Each language is different and has many unique characteristics. When learning two languages at once, you will notice similarities and differences between them. Learning like this will force you to compare them in-depth. As a result, you will better understand their sentence structures, emotions, expressions, and flow.

4. Keep you ahead in your profession:

Now you have job opportunities anywhere in the world due to globalization. If you are multilingual, it is a valuable skill that makes you different from others. As a result, you will have a better chance of a good career. Most businesses are now involved in global trading. So, employers will gladly choose someone who can speak different languages.

5. You will never become bored:

If you learn more than one language at a time, there are fewer chances to become bored. Since it is a challenging task, you will always feel like exploring new things. Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of both languages together.

Tips for studying two languages at the same time

Do you want to learn two languages together? Here are some tips to follow:

a. Choose two different languages:

Learning similar languages sounds interesting and easier. But, the opposite is true in that case. For example, learning Spanish and Portuguese at once can confuse you because they are about 80% similar. On the other hand, learning English and Japanese together has no chance of hesitancy.

b. Keep time for practicing:

One of the big challenges while learning new languages is a lack of time. Undoubtedly, it takes a good amount of time to learn a language. Since you are learning two at once, you should consider if you truly have sufficient time for studying and practicing them.

c. Set realistic goals:

Before starting, you should set a few small and achievable goals. They are easier to achieve and will keep you motivated to learn.

d. Learn the same topic in both languages:

When two languages cover the same topic, learners can easily understand them. By following this technique, you can learn how to express the same thing in two different languages. Practicing like this also saves time.

e. Speak frequently:

To improve your speaking skill, you should talk whenever possible. You will surely make a lot of mistakes at the beginning stage. But, it will help to overcome the fear of failure gradually.

f. Use high-quality materials:

Using high-quality learning materials is very important for beginners. Poor learning materials do nothing except waste your time. So, joining a language program is a good idea because they provide suitable lessons for beginners.

g. Focus on quality over quantity:

Though the joy of learning two languages can be overwhelming, you should always focus on quality learning. There is no need to memorize a hundred words a day. Learn small instead with full attention.


So, can you learn French and Spanish together? This article has answered the question comprehensively. Besides, it shares some useful tips for learners. Learning languages like this can be very challenging. But, it is possible if you have good management skills.

Along with patience, you have to go through an accurate learning process to achieve the goal. Learning two languages will make you smarter since it impacts the brain positively. You will have better knowledge of both languages than other learners. Finally, being a polyglot will widen more opportunities for you.

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