Top Tips for Motorcycle Owners

Riding a motorcycle is completely different from driving a car. It requires an entirely different skill set, and in many areas of the world, you need a specific license to ride a motorbike.

Whether you’ve recently bought yourself a new motorbike or you’ve been riding for years, it’s important to have valid motorcycle insurance and practice proper road safety. This means riding with vigilance and investing in the proper safety equipment and riding gear.

Below, we’ve got some top tips for new and experienced motorcyclists. Following these tips will keep you and your motorbike safe, and make your rides more enjoyable.

Store Your Bike Somewhere Safe

It’s much easier to steal a motorcycle than it is to steal a car and properly storing your bike is essential to prevent theft. If you’ve got space on your property, consider purchasing a motorcycle shed in which you can store your bike when it’s not in use.

Motorcycle sheds enable you to keep your bike out of sight, so passers-by don’t know it’s there. You can lock the shed to prevent people from accessing your motorcycle.

Accelerate When You’re Changing Lanes

You’ll have learned the important maneuvers during your motorcycling lessons, and you’ll have been assessed to get your license to ride. However, it’s easy to forget about different riding techniques over time.

One of the most important things to keep in mind as a motorcyclist is what you should do when changing lanes. You must always indicate first, then check your mirrors to see if it’s okay to start transitioning into the new lane.

When you decide to start moving over, accelerate so that the upcoming vehicles in the new lane don’t collide with the back of your bike. You don’t know how quickly the other vehicles are moving, so accelerating will prevent any potential crashes.

Lean When Going Around Corners

When you’re going around corners, you should always lean into them. This helps to maintain your center of gravity and prevents your bike from falling over. Leaning also brings your body closer to the ground, which helps to keep you balanced and upright.

You should always slow down when going around corners and brace your core to keep yourself stable on the bike. Keep your eyes ahead on the roads and shift your weight to the side by dropping your inner shoulder as you go around the bend.

Once you’re back on a straight road, shift yourself back on the seat. This will help to recenter your body on the bike and prevent you from losing your balance.

Ride Sensibly

It goes without saying, but you should always remain hyper-vigilant when you’re riding a motorcycle. Unlike car drivers, you don’t have a protective metal shield around you when you’re riding on the roads. A road traffic collision could easily cause serious injuries or even fatalities and can lead you to having to get in contact with a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer (or a similar expert attorney in your local area) to help you win compensation to cover your medical costs and any lost wages.

Be sensible and patient when riding your motorcycle, and be aware of your surroundings. This is especially important when you’re traveling in wet weather conditions.

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