World of Warcraft: The Most Successful Game Ever?

World of Warcraft is perhaps the most famous and popular MMORPG in the entire world. In 2010, WoW entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular online RPG. The number of subscribers at that time exceeded 10 million, and in 2012 it grew to 12 million. Today World of Warcraft is as popular as it was 10 years ago, and it has a large audience. Dozens of game worlds are available on the official website, and add-ons are released almost every year. The game is thriving and will live on for many years, so let’s recall some cool facts associated with it.

World of Warcraft: The Most Successful Game Ever?

Inspired by EverQuest

World of Warcraft is often praised for setting the canons and rules of the genre for many years to come, but the praise, in this case, is not entirely deserved. The 3D world, the class system, the “holy trinity” of the tank, healer, and damage dealer — these and other aspects were not invented by the creators of WoW but borrowed from EverQuest. Many of the Blizzard team developers were big fans of the Verant Interactive project, which soon merged with Sony Online Entertainment.

At the time of the release, most online games required the user to fully immerse in the virtual world and demonstrate inhuman patience and lots of free time. It took months or even years to reach maximum levels in MMORPGs, therefore, WoW Shadowlands boost services appeared.

Supported by Celebrities

Games (including video games) have been considered a useless hobby, and when the online worlds appeared, people thought that only irresponsible schoolchildren can spend precious hours and days on them! World of Warcraft has overcome this obstacle and proved that you can be not only a successful person but also a real world-class celebrity and play WoW.

In 2008, commercials began to appear on TV screens with the participation of Chuck Norris. Then, such people as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Aubrey Plaza, Stephen van Zandt, Thomas Dee, Verne Troyer, William Shatner, Alexander Astier, Ozzy Osborne, and former wrestler Mr. T. starred in similar videos. Of course, one can participate in commercials without playing WoW. But dozens of stars have confessed their love for World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft: The Most Successful Game Ever?

Looking into the Future

World of Warcraft is rich in memes, fan fiction, jokes, and another must-have legacy of any big fandom. Seventeen years — is an impressive time even for an online game that is constantly being updated and expanded. The fact that World of Warcraft is still competing not with dinosaurs like Ultima Online and EverQuest, but with quite modern recently-released games, is a serious achievement. This game allows players to meet each other in the game world, chat, join guilds, trade, or fight. All this makes WoW the most successful game ever!

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