American Android Online Poker Players: Where Are They Going in 2024?

There are a lot of Americans playing online poker right now. There are a lot of them who aren’t but want to. With laws in some states of the US loosening up, what will happen in 2024 for American Android online poker players?

How many Americans use Android for Online Poker?

Unfortunately, the exact data set for Americans Using Android Devices for Online Poker isn’t widely available but there is enough statistical data to make informed estimations. There are around 60 million online poker players registered in the USA who are registered for real money games, and that will surely grow as the number of USA poker sites that work on Android grows too.

Android ownership in the US is about 42% of all adults with a smartphone. Assuming that all Americans playing online poker have a smartphone we can believe that 42 in 100 of them, would be doing so on an Android device. That would make it 25,200,000 people who fall into our exact bracket. For context, the number of people who match the entire population count for both Florida and New Mexico combined. Fair to say, that there’s a decent market size out there.

Are American Android Users Decreasing in Number? – What Does it Mean for Online Poker?

The global market share of Android devices stands at over 70%. Yet this number is made up of large nations with overwhelming populations who have long preferred Android to other products. China has a 74% Android ownership share while India has 95%, as other devices are not nearly as popular.

In America, Android users have been declining in quantity since 2019. While China and India are interesting markets for online casinos, it’s the American market they want to invest in with the country’s long lineage with the pastime. If the number of Android users only decreases with time, it could mean that software developers don’t make specific apps for Android devices as their chances of profit will be reduced.

Will legislation help top up the users in the US?

If you’ve ever read about online poker and its legality in the US before, you’ll appreciate that it’s a state-by-state system. Each devolved state government has the right to govern as it sees fit. That could be to completely outlaw it like Utah or embrace it like Nevada. Interestingly, those two states are neighbors but couldn’t share more opposing thoughts on online poker.

However, it’s not all like Utah. States like New York, Illinois, and Kentucky are all actively discussing the regulation and legislation of allowing online poker to take place within their state borders. If that happens then the populations of those states and their Android device users are all potential customers.

Android hotspots in the US

Across all 50 states, there’s a good split in the market share between Android and its closest rival, Apple. Wyoming is the state where Android devices are statistically the most popular with 66% of the local population preferring that product. Hawaii isn’t far behind that with 61%. Unfortunately, for Android casinos and poker rooms, both state laws forbid online poker pretty vehemently.

The complete opposite is Connecticut. There 71% of the population prefers Apple devices and online poker is completely legal. Potentially Android casino operators should look to help grow the hardware popularity in this state to help its long-term profits!

Crypto and Androids go hand in hand, just like Online Gambling

There’s a growing trend that has seen cryptocurrency blend into online gambling. Users are encouraged to use these virtual funds for their banking and wagering means. More and more casinos are integrating the usability of cryptocurrencies into their platforms. That builds on the long-standing relationship between crypto and Android devices. Classically, these devices have worked better than others for coin-based trading with the software typically made for this operating system. If online poker rooms can work on this to make all three attributes work even more seamlessly, it will ignite a deeper connection with its American Android poker audience.

Unknown numbers lost to Offshore Casinos

There are some stats we don’t know and can’t get much access to. While the US laws keep a lot of people from playing online poker, there are still a lot who access offshore poker sites and casinos. These numbers usually go unaccounted for, as the companies don’t wish to reveal anything about their trade – and don’t have to as they are registered, offshore.

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