The Return of Championship Golf

Whether it is in the watching or the playing, it looks like golf could be back for the foreseeable future. The sport has in its favor that it is an outdoor activity where there are not big groups of players required to gather to play. Setting a total for the course and then having others follow to challenge, or the shorter versions of the game are also being used to ensure that golf can be safely played. Thus, the risks in the current environment are reduced and the game looks set to make a comeback.

The 2021/2022 Golf Season

World golf announced a full program of events for 2021, and so far, so good. Most of the scheduled tournaments have gone ahead without too much change and the sport looks to be firmly on the road back to full participation. While there may be some limits to fan participation at the venues, the sport itself seems to be one that can be played safely in the current context.

Both the PGA and the European Tour were planned to return in full for the most part and even those tournaments that were missed in 2020 were to be included in the overall tour planning. This is a lot of golf to look forward to.

With these tournaments being back, the big question as always, is who will win the masters 2021. There were always those players who were considered to be in the mix for a podium finish, and Johnson, Cantlay and McIlroy were always in the pundits’ top five to win. But it is the Master’s and the challenge for the green jacket was great to watch. That Hideki Matsuyama won it has once again opened up the playing field and golf as a game is set to benefit from the international growth that a winner from Japan will herald.

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Spectator Golf

With all this golf to watch it has been interesting to see the changes in spectator golf. Major tournaments like the Masters and the US PGA championship stated from the outset that spectator numbers would be reduced and that improved health and safety measures would be taken. If you intend to watch live golf and travel to the venues in 2021 then you must plan and book early as the number of available spectator tickets is and will be greatly reduced.

Alternatively, the entire tournament will be available to watch as well as being available to stream. Current sports streaming services cater to all kinds of sports fans and golf is no different. With a forecast growth rate of more than 14% over the next few years, sports streaming and on-demand services allow for the flexibility to watch the tee-offs, replays and shots you want, when you want.

Of all the sports expected to make a significant comeback in 2021 through to 2022, golf is the one noted as most likely to do so. Thus far it has been an interesting season and the increased number of tournaments has also allowed some lesser-known players to come to the fore.

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