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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2023

A lot of new and unexplored await players in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.0 version. The developers of Mojang Studios have prepared unique content that will make the gameplay even more interesting and unusual.

Of course, the technical component has also received some improvements. Stability and performance have been improved. By the way, the corrected errors practically eliminate the possibility of crashes and crashes.


There have been big changes in the space surrounding the player in Minecraft 2023. In addition to the fact that now the list of biomes has been replenished with new locations, the developers have added new creatures to them.


These animals appeared back in Minecraft version 1.19.51 and immediately became incredibly popular among players. This is quite obvious because camels are riding mobs. You can go on a trip in them while taking with you a chest with all the necessary things. There is enough room for everyone on the back of this creature.


Updated forest biomes have been replenished in Minecraft 2023 with more animals. Deer are very timid and will hurry to hide in the depths of the forest as soon as they see the player. Therefore, to consider them it is worth being very careful.


Another inhabitant of the forest will not attack the player first, but if he sees a threat in his face, he will certainly show all his strength. Bears in Minecraft 2023 like to eat wild honey, so they can often be seen near the hives.


Players can meet both deer and bears in new forest locations. Maple forest is characterized by an incredibly bright and rich palette of colors. In previous versions, it was possible to walk through such a biome only using Shaders for MCPE. Now all this is available right in the game.

The trees growing in it will be very useful for players. The fact is that in Minecraft 2023, you can extract real juice from them. It is similar in its nutritional properties to honey. At the same time, the hero will not have to meet with bees to get it.


This location can be called a mini-biome because it occupies a much smaller territory than forests or deserts. But at the same time, there is also something to see in the canyon. In Minecraft 2023, this place is a deep depression in the ground.

Lava flows in its depths, and on cliffs, you can see the entrances to caves. These players will be able to find various minerals. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to get to them.

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