Rise Of Kingdoms Review

Welcome to our in-depth review for a mobile game called Rise Of Kingdom. Currently, it is one of the most popular games for android and IOS and it is getting more popular by the day.

Rise Of Kingdoms was released by Chinese game developer Lilith in 2018 but it had to change its name from Rise of Civilization to Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of kingdoms is a dynamic real-time strategy mobile game that is addictive, here you will do various tasks like completing events, fighting enemy players, fighting as kingdoms, farm, choose your civilization, upgrade your commanders, etc. Community in Rise of Kingdoms is so great that pro players created a website called Rise Of Kingdoms Guides that will help new players to understand how ROK work, how to play, what commanders and talent trees are best.

At the start the game was bad, and it was boring but because of community and feedback now it is the most popular game. You will find the community super friendly and there is always someone online who is willing to help you. Rise of Kingdom has one of the biggest servers on discord with over 500k members. Also, they have a big community on Facebook and Reddit.


Rise Of Kingdoms is one of the most bountiful mobile games. Lilith teams always pay a big attention to details. Like every commander based on historical facts like Cao Cao. When you compare the look of the commander in-game and in the history book, you will find that they are the same. Also, you can find a historical description of each commander. It is the same for buildings.

Rise Of Kingdoms Gameplay


As you know mobile games have some limitations and it is hard to develop them. But what makes Rise Of Kingdoms special is the fact that you can control your troops freely. You can move it to any place on the map. A game like Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, and Guns of Glory can not do that. Because of that Rise of kingdoms was able to create special events that have a chance to make an esports scene.

One of those events is the Ark of Osiris. It is fighting 30 vs 30 on a special map. That map contains objectives that teams will fight for. Each objective is unique and it will generate points. A team that manages to get the most points is a Winer. You can check pro matches of Ark of Osiris and you will see how much time and dedication players are making to make a perfect plan,

Ark of Osiris is not the only event in Rise Of Kingdoms. You will find a lot of different events like Kingdoms vs kingdoms where you 8 kingdoms will fight each other to take control of the middle of the map and get rewards. Then you have seasonal events, events where you will fight barbarians, etc.

Overall you will never be bored in Rise of Kingdom. there is always something to do.

Free to play Rise Of Kingdoms

Free-to-Play Friendly

This thing is what makes Rok unique. Most of the mobile games are heavy on pay to win. People want to get an advantage over other players simply by spending money. Yes, there is pay to win players in ROK but the echo system of kingdoms works great.

Basically pay to win players need free to play players, same as free to play players need pay to win players. Rise of Kingdoms is a team game where your alliance and kingdoms will work together to destroy enemy kingdoms or alliances. You will see that when you start playing.

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