7 Best Mobile Board Games For Android

It doesn’t get much older than a classic board game. They’ve been around for a very long time and billions of people have played them. As you can imagine, they have also made their way into the digital space.

Admittedly, they are pretty terrible on computers, but the touchscreen nature of smartphones and tablets lends itself to dynamic board play perfectly. In this comparison, we’ll check out the best Android board games.

Chess Free

1. Chess Free

It doesn’t get much more traditional than a good old-fashioned chess game. Free Chess is exactly what it says it is: a free chess game for Android. You can play against the computer on over 12 difficulty levels and includes the Treebeard Chess engine used in Microsoft’s MSN Chess.

Other interesting features include a “Show CPU Thinking” option that shows you the computer’s intended moves, a chess tutor, achievements, leaderboards, and local multiplayer.

There are also eight thematic chess boards and seven thematic sets of pieces. You really can’t ask for much more than that in a chess game. If you’re looking for more entertaining board games for your Android phone, then you should also check out the Board Game Friend website, it is among the best resource for board mobile games.

Elder Sign: Omens

2. Elder Sign: Omens

Elder Sign: Omens is a board game in which you play as four investigators who try to stop the Ancients from invading the world through the museum pieces. The board is the museum and you must search for clues and defeat the various Great Old Ones.

It’s hard to win, but fun to play as all board games should be. The in-app purchases are simple expansions that add to the game. It is customizable and a great example of what a modern digital board game can be.

Hey, That's My Fish!

3. Hey, That’s My Fish!

Hey, That’s My Fish! is a board game with a simple principle. You collect as many delicious fish as you can to win. In the game, you will be required to have some strategy because you will be competing for these fish with other penguins.

It’s certainly more casual than other entries on this list but it’s ideal for kids and adults looking to kill a few minutes and there are no in-app purchases. There are plenty of cards to play and it’s quite fun. It’s also worth mentioning that this app works without permission to run.

Board Kings™️: Fun Board Games

4. Board Kings™️: Fun Board Games

Board Kings™️: Fun Board Games that pits you against an AI opponent and a pile of colors. The goal is to get all of their pieces while protecting your own. It has a unique premise that forces you to think and play faster than most board games and we liked it. There are three difficulty modes and another in-game trick like tournament mode. It could have used a multiplayer game but as a single-player board game, it’s really not bad.

Mr Jack Pocket

5. Mr Jack Pocket

Mr Jack Pocket a board game that requires logic and deduction to succeed. You can play as the police or as Jack and you can probably see where this is going. As the police, you have to catch Jack and Jack you have to avoid the police.

It has some good illustrations and there are three difficulty levels to play with. There is also a Blitz mode which comes with a leaderboard so you can compare your stats with other players. It’s a bit pricey at $5.90, but it’s one of the better digital incarnations of a real board game out there.

Small World

6. Small World

Small World is a game that’s a bit of a risk. Players take control of territories and fight to control other territories. They earn victory coins as a result of their battles and the player with the most coins wins left the game. There are three, four, five and player maps as well as two types of multiplayer: turn-based or real-time.

There are a variety of races to play and various daily and weekly challenges to keep things interesting. There is a lot of content here which makes this the most expensive game on the list.

Words with Friends

7. Words with Friends

Zynga has released a new Words with Friends that is a bit different from the old iteration. It is a bit buggy as of now but to be honest most of the new games are.

This game emulates the classic board game Scrabble. You play online against your friends and you can play multiple games at once. It is stat tracked to see how you do and you can access your games on multiple devices. It needs a bit of work, but it’s still better than the official Scrabble game if all by a hair.

If we missed any awesome Android game tips, please let us know in the comments! We would be happy to hear from you!

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