How to Find a Catchy Title for Your Essay

An essay topic is of huge importance. We all know the saying “give a dog a bad name and hang him.” The same can be referred to essay writing. Picking the wrong theme can lead to  trouble. You do not know where to find supporting information, how to formulate the key idea, and what arguments would make sense in the context.

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Even skillful writers can sometimes feel lost simply because an essay topic doesn’t work. So how to find the right theme, and how to formulate an essay title so that it sounds catchy to a reader?

How to Find an Essay Topic That Works for You?

There is no universal database of good essay topics that work well for all students. A particular theme may work for one student but have no consistency for other writers. So what’s important for picking a theme for your essay?

  • You are interested in the topic – it is way easier to write about something that you are interested in. The whole research process will turn into a hobby thing since you will do something that you are passionate about. If you love modern art, pick a theme addressing the work of a famous artist. In case you are more into psychology, then it would be great to write about one of the psychological phenomena;
  • You already have some knowledge about it – even if you have some basic information about the theme that you need to cover in your writing, then you are at stake. You shouldn’t necessarily be an expert on the topic. It would be already great if you know what direction to follow and what resources to use when doing topic research and data collection;
  • Your readers are interested in the theme – it is extremely important to pick a theme that your readers are interested in. Otherwise, they will be bored reading your essay, and you may end up in the situation where they end reading after a couple of paragraphs;
  • Sufficient information is available – in case there is not enough information available for you to reveal the topic in full, then you will hardly produce a consistent piece. Therefore, before deciding on a topic for your essay, check the data available for research;
  • The topic is not banal – there are hundreds of essays talking about the same; delivering another paper of this type will not make you a Pulitzer Prize laureate. Tutors give high grades for non-banal and fresh assignments demonstrating the creative and personalized approach of students. So if you are going to write about the death penalty or home-school education, then you should better pick a different theme.
  • The topic is not too complex or diverse – a topic of an essay can give you a clear idea of the amount of work expected to complete the paper. And you shouldn’t overestimate your skills and powers. Of course, it is very ambitious to pick a complex topic for your essay. Your teacher will see the true value in it. However, you shouldn’t go to the extreme levels. Otherwise, you won’t be able to deliver a good result. Find a balanced approach – pick an interesting theme that you can handle in the available timeframe, with the available capacity.

Far from every student can decide on an essay theme in a day or so. You need to run pre-research, analyze different topics, and make an informed decision afterward.

That’s why we recommend that you take your time, draft out a couple of potential topics, and choose the one that meets the above features. Also, you should give try online lesson writing services to speed up your work.

How to Formulate an Essay Topic So That It Rocks?

We can either win or lose the readers’ attention with a paper title. Even if you write a masterpiece but name it in the wrong way, the risk that it will be underestimated is extremely high. That’s why you should always approach essay title formulation with special care and responsibility.

You can decide on a paper topic days/ weeks/ months before the actual labor starts. However, it has nothing to do with the very final theme formulation. It is actually best practice to make an essay title after the whole piece is done because you 100% know what it is all about, what important points it covers, and what tricks are used in the text to keep the readers’ inters high.

So what makes an essay topic a good one?

  • It resonates with a reader;
  • It triggers emotions in people;
  • It can be interpreted in different ways;
  • It makes people think;
  • It asks questions.

Professional writers recommend drafting several topics, take a mental break for a couple of hours, and then decide on the best one. If you do not know what essay topic is the best for you, you can always ask your friends or teacher for help. They will assess the options from a fresh perspective and will help you make the right decision.

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