How to Use Google Search Engine for Cannabis Website

Pushing your dispensary to the top of Google search will bring an influx of customers, but it is not easy. You need a comprehensive SEO strategy to reach users who need your products. Discover six keys to visibility in all-important search rankings.

Unfortunately for the industry, the tech giant still prohibits all advertising related to the use or sale of cannabis. Ads for recreational and medicinal products are out of the question, which makes search engine optimization your best bet. Thanks to the efforts of the team, these services are now tailored to the needs of the highly censored industry.

How to Use Google Search Engine for Cannabis Website

How to Get Your Dispensary Noticed Online

Showing up in Google is possible for any business, even a startup. This field is not as competitive as you may think. Many companies are still only discovering SEO, and their activities are limited to the most basic tactics.

A savvy entrepreneur can access a world of opportunities, particularly if their competitors are ignorant or sceptical of Google search. Promotional strategies for the industry incorporate many subtle tactics. For example, top tips for advertising Delta-8 THC products include hashtags and building a presence on Reddit. The basics of SEO concern the quality and relevance of content:

What Search Engine Optimization Is All About

The majority of consumers find products and services online. Google’s mission is to provide users with the most relevant and valuable information. When somebody searches for a “cannabis dispensary near me”, it shows results ranked according to its standards.

Optimizing for search is a complex endeavour. It encompasses different aspects of your content, website authority, and more. Begin with these crucial elements:

1. Exploring Keywords

These words and phrases work like call numbers in a public library. They are search terms for specific websites and offers. To identify the best keywords for your site, start with Google’s free auto-suggest feature. For example, if you are based in Chicago, you can see the terms residents use to find local dispensaries.

This is only the beginning, though. To get the full picture, you will need something more advanced, such as Google’s Keyword Planning Tool. An SEO agency will find the best keywords and show you how to use them properly to rank higher. Experts use professional tools like SEMRush to gather data for effective keyword strategies. It may include the following:

  • Including keywords within page titles on your site. If keywords are like library call numbers, pages are like chapters in a book telling Google what the website is about.
  • Inserting keywords into page headings. These are large and important text segments that introduce page content. They are often bolded.
  • Variations of keywords in website copy. When used throughout the page copy, they give Google the “full picture” of what your website is about.

These are the most basic layers. Keywords may also be added to images, as they are also indexed for search. An agency will develop a multifaceted approach based on your needs and current rankings. It will also include:

2. Creating an Effective Google Business Page

To gain visibility online and attract targeted traffic, your dispensary must be listed in relevant Google My Business directories. This is the local dimension of optimization. Registering on GMB is a crucial step to boosting traffic and turning it into real revenue. After you list your business properly, consumers within and beyond your local area will be able to find it easily.

3. Building a Link Profile

When websites with high domain authority link back to your site, this boosts its own credibility in the eyes of Google. High-quality backlinks are essential for impressive search rankings. Steer clear of black-hat (unethical) strategies, as they deliver poor-quality referrals. Google’s search algorithms are advanced enough to distinguish between genuine and fake links. If you try to fool its algorithms, you will get penalized and lose visibility.

4. Mobile Optimization

Over half of consumers prefer browsing the internet from mobile devices. Optimizing your website for smaller screens does not only bring convenience to customers — but also makes it more visible online. Due to the mobile-first index, which was introduced in 2016, Google prioritizes websites with a mobile version. Thus, make sure your catalog is easy to navigate from any smartphone or tablet.

5. Flawless Design

Google algorithms also evaluate website design, speed, and quality of user interface. Avoid bulky videos and scripts that can slow down page loading. Provide an excellent experience to users who browse your catalog from mobile and desktop devices.

6. Gaining Social Media Presence

The social media profiles of your business will link back to its website, which also contributes to SEO. Social media connects a gigantic audience, and it can benefit your dispensary even without ads. Engage with your existing and potential customers where they spend most of their time.

How to Use Google Search Engine for Cannabis Website

The Bottom Line

These six strategies for SEO are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are all focused on making your content more relevant and valuable. Whether you use graphics, articles, videos, or infographics, quality trumps quantity. Creating an aesthetically pleasing designed and informative website is the first step. Professional services will help you lead the competition and expand your reach through effective and consistent strategies.

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