Is it still possible to earn money from ad monetization?

Ad monetization might sound like an extremely hefty word, but the reality is very simple. It is one way to generate revenue through your app, blog, or website with the power of advertisement. It has currently become one of the most significant aspects of mobile marketing. In case you are not aware of its functionality, then learn about it ASAP. 

As per some of the recent studies, spending on mobile ads will be around 43% of the entire media spending of 2020, which is always a great percentage than the traditional ones. So, the inventory demand will also grow as the mobile publishers try to capitalize on this major trend. On Academy you can find information on app development ad monetization. So now you can develop your own app, attract advertisements towards it and then start earning from the same.

Ways in which ad monetization works:

Some of the premium apps will provide you with access to free content but also provide you with the chance to download some premium content, which you have to pay for. Some of those freemium models are Skype, Spotify, and more.

  • This form of monetization is called IAP or in-app purchase. This is one classic example of monetizing your app.
  • This form of service is most popular among gaming developers. This way, they get to attract more gamers by offering a free download. But, when they need to unlock extra content like resources or lives, they need to buy it with real money.
  • Another similar ad monetization method will be IAA or In-app advertisements could be considered one of the best ad monetization solutions. Here, the app’s users will get exposed to some third-party adverts. 
  • The developers and advertisers are linked well by the ad networks. That helps in facilitating their demand and supply.

Difference forming between performance and brand campaigns:

If you have an app and want to earn money from it, you will be approached by two major advertisers. One will be a brand-new tech retailer whose main goal is to increase footfall and draw customers. And then you have the mobile app developer, who is here to increase download numbers for the new apps. Each advertiser has different needs, and so their campaign types will differ.

During such instances, the tech shop must select a branding campaign, and the developer must opt for the performance campaign. Now, you must understand the difference first before the final say.

  • The branding campaign will focus on delivering users with a brand’s positive message. It won’t push the users to make a purchase immediately but will create awareness first. It brings in some medium to the long timeframe.
  • Here, the technology shop will want the potential customers to know their existence. So, when they plan to purchase any new technical item, they will remember the shop well.
  • The main goal of app developers is to drive in some action and then encourage the users to download their apps. That’s why they need the power of performance campaigns. Here, the main aim is to get people to just tap on and initiate the installation process.

Just like different focuses, there are various pricing strategies involved as well. Check out the bid types to get in touch with the final monetary value around here.

The types of ads available:

Once the campaigns and their objectives are covered, it is important to choose the right kind of ad to create and show. For that, understanding the types of ads available for monetization is important. Let’s focus on those points now.

  • You can take the help of the rewarded videos. Here, the user gets the chance to procure premium content instead of watching any in-app video.
  • Then you have the interstitial ads. It will focus on the interstices inside applications and will be a part of the push ad option. Some of those are videos, skippable videos, banners, and more. 
  • Offerwall ads are mainly used to offer users rewards for taking some actions and completing tasks like installing any game, subscribing to a newsletter, and more.

In the end, if you are well-aware of the ad types and the marketing campaigns, you can still earn money through ad monetization. It won’t take much time till you find yourself earning from ad monetization as your passive income section.

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